Desiderata framed

Oh, my last Desiderata post!  I got this back yesterday, and was able to photograph it today.  It was quite a gloomy day yesterday. 

Desiderata framed 06.08

Desiderata finis

The completed sampler.  It got a little cut off on the bottom, but I ain’t scanning again! lol  I took so many fruitless photos.  This is plenty good for me. 😮 

Desiderata designed by Catherine Strickler of Indigo Rose
Stitched on 32-ct Antique White linen using recommended silks.
Minor changes in spacing of text and wording to reflect copyrighted version

Here’s my webshots link, in case you see a broken picture.  I’m having a devil of a time today.  The picture shows up in the editor, then disappears. 

Desiderata Monday, pt. 42

I finished the bottom band, and did the cutting.  I’ve learned that the cutting part of hardanger is meant to be done by hand.  I did part of it on the scroll rods, and part of it half on and half off the rods–with the bottom part of the sampler off the rods and the rest on.  That was not a good idea.  oops.  Oh, well.  I believe I can fix my boo-boos, which are easy to spot (shaggy ends, cut threads that shouldn’t be cut, like that).  I just need to find a quiet, patient frame of mind.  Next Monday, perhaps?  I’m taking a breather right now.

I think I’m going to add beads to my acorns, too.  I saw it on someone else’s wip photo in Webshots and really liked it.  If I decide I don’t like it, after all, no big deal.  Especially after my hardanger adventure, yes? 🙂


Be Cheerful.

I am!  I finished the text on Desiderata yesterday.  And, and, I touched bottom!  Yes, I have reached the last band.  I stayed up late watching true crime shows just to do it.  My heart was pounding with excitement when I began the Kloster band, I kid you not.  It was really hard to put it away today, but I have that dragon I want to finish before the end of time, so I can’t get distracted by Desiderata Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  I’ll have to rely on other distractions in my dragon-procrastinating efforts.  OK, first, the unexciting close-up of the initial Kloster baby steps:


Now the squeeful progress picture!


You know what next week is: Kloster Block City!  I’m looking forward to it like I looked forward to concerts back in the day. 😀