From little acorns…

A beloved sampler grows!  I finished the fourth page of Desiderata!


WIP photo complete with my constant companion, my crane needleminder, and one of my new thread holders from Monique, which I purchased from her Etsy shop. 🙂


Close-up of the little acorns. 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “From little acorns…

  1. Your Sampler is just so beautiful! You are doing a fantastic job on this and I will enjoy watching your progress! Thank you for stoping by my blog! I am glad that you like Hanky Pysanky. I am using the rainbow colorway for this that Ink Circles created. She created this project in the pinks but also did a rainbow color scheme. The thread is Carrie’s Threads. If you go to Ink Circle’s website it will show the two thread palletts. I ordered the thread from Carrie’s Threads. They are I think 5 yard cotten skeins that are 1.00 and they cost me I think about 15.00. She has the thread packs for both of them. A friend is doing hers in the pinks and I wanted to do the rainbow. Ink Circles doesn’t yet have a model in this rainbow, but I too love the colors. Thank you for your really nice comment and please do drop in again soon!! Debby 🙂

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful !!!!!!! Dang, you make me want to hunt down my copy of this pattern and start stitching. I have too many things going to be able to do that, but drat it you make me want to!

  3. Your Desiderata is really coming along now – I just love it! Well done for sticking with it. I come back to chart your progress each week – it is beautiful, congratulations! Thanks for sharing some good photos….

    Jackie in UK x

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