Jacks are Wild

The men in my life known as the husband and the boy are both named Jack. This meant stitching Waxing Moons Designs’ Jacks are Wild was inevitable. I began this project with big, speedy plans. I would finish stitching before Halloween. Stop laughing! OK, laugh. I know you share my delusions. I’ll enjoy laughing at you when it’s your turn.

Jacks are Wild 11.11

I had fun with this project. I used DMC Glow-in-the-Dark for the lightning bolts, DMC Rayon (I think they call it Satin now) for the sunglasses and DMC Memory Thread for the spirals. I figured if the Jacks were wild, the stitching should be, too. ūüėÄ

Jacks are Wild by Waxing Moon Designs
Stitched 2 over 2 on 32-ct Silkweaver Superstition Reflections
Stitched with the following substitutions: instead of GAST Black Crow, I used Raven, and DMC Satin for the sunglasses; instead of GASS Butternut Squash, I used DMC memory thread for the spirals; and instead of GASS Picket Fence, I used DMC glow-in-the-dark.

I took of this picture of the¬†project in the dark to test the glow-in-the-dark threads. They glow, with varying results. I don’t know if you can tell, but if you look at the center¬†Jack’s teeth,¬†some stitches are brighter than others. The brighter stitches are glowing. I used a photo editor to brighten the photo, so it doesn’t appear to have been shot in the dark, but it was. The lightning bolt on the bottom right doesn’t stand out in regular light, because that part of the fabric is white, too. It is detectable in the dark, though, just like in this photo.

Silly fun.

My birthday was yesterday. In addition to stitchy goodness, I also received a lovely drawing from the husband. I don’t know which is more moving: the sentiment or the drawing.


Happy Stitching! ūüôā

Isaac Clarke

It’s been a long time since the boy has asked me to share a picture on my blog. How could I possibly resist?

Meet Isaac Clarke:

From the Dead Space Wiki: Isaac Clarke is a systems engineer working for the Concordance Extraction Corporation and the main protagonist in the {Dead Space} games . Oh, how the boy wants this game!

He whipped this off so quickly, I can’t tell you. It’s a God-given talent that he doesn’t get from his mother, at lease not directly.

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday!¬† The boy and I¬† took a very early flight to San Diego today.¬† It was a day of firsts for traveling today.¬†¬† We had a theme-park experience at the Detroit airport.¬† I usually fly Northwest, but today we took Delta.¬† The walk to the Delta concourse was very entertaining.¬†¬† Coming down the escalator, we saw a huge blue circle on the floor.¬† Then we could hear electronic music.¬† It was evocative of space and underwater exploration.¬† The walls resembled water, but there were bright colors that changed in time with the music.¬† It was like getting out of the heat in a long theme park ride line and entering the building to begin the attraction experience.¬† Who knew an airport could be so exciting?¬† We took a very small plane to Cincinatti, where we walked down stairs to get off the plane instead of using a jetway.¬† Very retro.¬† The boy was impressed.¬† For the flight to San Diego, we were assigned the last row, which turned out to be a bonus.¬† The flight wasn’t completely full, and the boy and I each had three seats to ourselves.¬† BONUS!¬† We squandered the room by napping.¬† “Mom, it was a day of firsts!”¬† Indeed.¬† Everything that could have gone wrong, didn’t go wrong.¬† Happy Birthday to me. :o)¬† I suppose the worst part¬† is that the husband had to go to work, but meh.¬† We’re together.


This is my birthday card from the boy.¬† I was going to upload a photo of my gift, but I can’t find the husband’s USB cord.¬† *sigh*¬† I purposely didn’t bring any of my extra USB cords, b/c my sweetheart had one at his apartment.¬† grr.¬† Maybe he’ll find it, and I can upload pics tomorrow.¬†¬†Or I’ll get him his own USB cord.¬† ¬†


This is my birthday present to me, bought on clearance from ABC Stitch Therapy.¬† I’ve admired her for a long time, but she was too rich for my blood.¬† Now she’s mine.¬† I have plans for her, which knowing my track record, should only take a few years to finish.

Now, everyone celebrate!

Let the Christmas decorating begin!


This is the boy’s first foray into coloring with Photoshop.¬† To see the original, click the picture.¬† It will take you to a blog about his comics, with this colored version and the original drawing.¬†

Thanks for stopping by and getting excited about Christmas with Tiki and me!

Did you vote?

I did.¬† I was voter #446 for my precinct.¬† I always get excited by voting, including when I’ve known I was voting for a sure loser.¬† So, what’s a girl to do when she’s got all that nervous energy?¬† Celebrate by going to her LNS, of course!¬† I got some floss I needed and some stuff I don’t exactly need, but couldn’t bear to leave behind.¬† Good times.

I want to share a Tiki Fox comic with you today.¬† This was entirely the boy’s idea, and he asked his Social Studies teacher if he could make the comic for school.¬† She was glad for his idea, because she wanted to do something for Election Day, but didn’t have ideas. She was very excited to see what he turned in–he said she hopped up and down.¬† I loved it, too.¬† I meant to scan/copy it to post today, but I forgot, so I made him re-do it for my blog today.¬† “FINE!¬† But I’m making bigger panels, since I don’t have to leave room for the voting!”¬† Ooookay, dear one.