Jo-Ann had a coupon for 60% off framing.  It’s been my experience that Michael’s framing prices are outrageous.  Jo-Ann proved to be more of the same.  We went through hell getting this framed.  They did a bad job with the dry mounting.  It’s all bubbly.  They waited three weeks to tell me a mistake was made with the framing order.  I hit the roof.  In the end, it wasn’t worth the BS, and I won’t go back to Jo-Ann, even though they did kiss my a** when I threw a fit.  The damage was already done–the shitty dry mounting, I mean. Bad work=no return business.  I say I shouldn’t have had to throw a fit in the first place.  Plus, when I picked it up, the clerk that gave it to me was confused about their even being a mistake in the first place.  GRRRRR.  I hope the boy likes it.  He’s not home from school yet.  He’s looking forward to hanging it in his room. 

gaara framed

I think he did a great job picking out moldings. 

One thought on “Framed!

  1. That’s awful Terri!!!! I’ve heard lots of horror stories from Michael’s AND Jo-Ann’s. I hope DS liked it apart from the stupid mistakes that were made :o(

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