Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. 🙂 Brightest blessings to my non-American friends. I’m grateful for all of your visits and cameraderie.

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. My dear step-daughter Katie came to visit from Pittsburgh, where she is a nursing student at Duquesne University. She has to work today, so we celebrated on her schedule. Thank you to the boy’s school, who wisely gives students the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the day off. It was a wonderful day.

Last year I stitched Elizabeth’s Designs Give Thanks twice, as I’d inadvertently purchased the semi-kit twice. *embarrassing* No, wait, it was planned, so that I would have one and could give one to the step-daughter as well. Yeah, that’s it. Given my amazing skill at stitching without finishing projects, the stitched pieces waited patiently in a drawer for my attention. While the SD visited, I finished her piece into a pinkeep. My piece is still patiently waiting. She had to delay her departure for an hour while I completed my finishing, but she was pleased with the pinkeep, and I hope, it was worth the wait.

She had forgotten I’d stitched one for her, too. How could that happen? It’s only been a year since I stitched them, and it’s not like she’s crazy busy with school and work. I can’t imagine how waiting and wondering for her prize isn’t in the forefront of her thoughts daily, but there you go. I asked her opinion about the backing fabric and ribbon trim. She gave her opinion freely, but was wondering why I cared so much what she thought. So: even though I told her I’d never attached ribbon trim this way before, and that I’d never used eyelets when finishing before, she didn’t know why I was announcing this to her or apologizing for being slow.

Give Thanks pinkeep 11.10

I’m happy with it, and she’s very happy with it. That’s the most important part. Here’s a photo with bits of the side and back added for fun:

Give Thanks pinkeep 11.10

A note of warning here: the ribbon on back is placed too low. When it’s hung on the wall as is (which is what she wants to do with it), it tips forward. I had to stitch the ribbon to the back close to the top. Next time I use the ribbon and eyelet for hanging, I’ll be sure to place the eyelets much higher and closer together.

Happy Stitching! 🙂