Final sharing from 2013

It’s time to clean up the hanging threads of 2013 and make sure I’ve shared everything I’ve meant to share. I’ve been a neglectful blogger this year, so I have a few pictures I haven’t yet posted.

425 bone appetit 11 13

Bone Appetit from Lizzie Kate’s Halloween Thrillogy. I finished this a few days after Halloween.

425 pieta framed 11 13

Later in November, I got Pieta framed. I took a quick picture to show my father before Christmas. He was traveling for the holidays, so I’ll be sending this off to him shortly. I never did get a better picture than this. Dad joked I should take a picture with my phone. I thought it was a good suggestion. That one wasn’t better.

After I sent Wendy her ornament, I started working on ornaments for myself that I’ve wanted to stitch for a very long time–Brightneedle’s “To Thee” stockings from JCS Ornament issues. I stitched them on 28-ct. Country Cream Vintage linen. I used all DMC for each ornament.

425 to thee love           425 to thee hope

To Thee Love, from the 2004 JCS Ornament Issue, and To Thee Hope, from the 2006 JCS Ornament Issue.

425 to thee peace 12 21 13                     425 to thee a very merry

To Thee Peace from the 2003 JCS Ornament Issue, and To Thee a Very Merry from the 2008 JCS Ornament Issue.

I rotated the colors in Peace to give her a pink dress instead of pink accents. For A Very Merry, I added the year and moved around the eyelet stitches above the year to fit. I also had fun with the eyelets. Many of them are off center.

Finally, I made progress on 272 Words by Primrose Needleworks. I’m not quite done with the first page. Instead of GAST Nutmeg for the text, I’m using soot by Nina’s Threads, which I ordered from The Thread Basket.

425 272 words 12 30 13

That does it for 2013. I’m going to participate in the Sampler World Snoot Parrots SAL 2014 on Facebook, so I’ll have another WIP very soon.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year.  Happy Stitching! 🙂

Oh, my Giddy Aunt

425 pieta complete 09 13 13

I am finished!! I thought this day would never come. I feel free.


Pieta Detail by Cross Stitch Collectibles
Stitched one over one on 25-ct fabric with DMC threads

Happy Stitching!

Pieta, pt. 16

Oh, yeah, that’s right. Fourteen pages done. Go, me! In the wrong light, a photo won’t really show the progress. It does here (mostly), so this pic’s the winner. Ding, ding, ding!

425 pieta wip 09 02

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 183/235, or 78%
Completed pages:14/16, or 87.5%  It’s actually 89%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches: 39024/42300, or 92%

425 pieta wip 08 18   425 pieta wip 09 02


Happy Stitching! 🙂

Pieta, pt. 15

Twelve pages! I’m thankful for progress pics. Stitching row after row of one color makes it easy to lose perspective on how much you’ve stitched, more than “regular” stitching. If that makes sense, you might be a stitcher. 😉

425 pieta wip 08 18

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 183/235, or 78%
Completed pages:12/16, or 75%  It’s actually 78%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches: 35140/42300, or 83%

425 pieta wip 07 10   425 pieta wip 08 18


Happy Stitching! 🙂

Pieta, pt. 14

Another page complete! It’s like I never put this down for a whole year. I took a couple of progress pics along the way with my phone–

425 pieta wip 07 07                  425 pieta wip 07 09 i

She looks like this now–

425 pieta wip 07 10

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 62/235, or 52%
Completed pages:11/16, or 68.75%  It’s actually 72%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches:33078/42300, or 78%

Over 3/4 complete! I can see the end. The next three pages are very uncomplicated, so when I pull her out again, it shouldn’t take as long as a typical page.

425 pieta wip 07 01 13  425 pieta wip 07 07  425 pieta wip 07 09 i 425 pieta wip 07 10


Happy Stitching! 🙂

Pieta, pt. 13

That was fast. You know, for someone that puts a project away for months at a time. Like me.

I present to you Pieta with 10 pages completed:

425 pieta wip 07 01 13

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 62/235, or 52%
Completed pages:10/16, or 62.5%  It’s actually 65%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches:29072/42300, or 69%

425 pieta wip 05 28      425 pieta wip 07 01 13


Happy Stitching!

Pieta, pt. 12

Patience. I can has it!

You know that non-yelly piece of parenting advice that suggests that you withhold fun privilege A from a child until they’ve accomplished icky task B? I’ve had frustrations with this in the past, because, boy, can a kid sacrifice A in order to avoid B, you know? Sheesh, just do B, and we’ll all be happy. But, nooooo. I tried this tactic on myself recently. Since I’ve had difficulty motivating myself to stitch on Pieta, I proclaimed there would be no stitching on anything until a page of Pieta is complete! I was very strict with myself. I’m impressed I didn’t abandon this plan in favor of stitching whatever I wanted. I waited TWO weeks before I started stitching on my. Can you imagine no stitching for two whole weeks?!? Neither could I before it happened. She looked over my shoulder from my stitching stand, and I gave her virtual raspberries. I looked through kitted project after kitted project, and didn’t lose my resolve. Finally, after TWO WEEKS of no stitching, I started up again.

This sort of patience is not normally in my wheelhouse, believe me. I didn’t imagine it would take me that long to return to stitching Pieta. Or, if I did, I certainly didn’t imagine I would wait that long to stitch anything. It’s more my style to tell myself stitching is supposed to be fun, so get busy stitching whatever it is I want. What a surprise. Anyway, here is the current progress pic:

425 pieta wip 05 28

It always amazes me how seemingly random stripes of gray start to actually look like something as a page fills in. I made a point of “touching bottom”, since the page I was working on doesn’t reach that far. That was thrilling. Remember “touching bottom” in the pool as a kid? Yeah. Same feeling. Sweet memories. I’m also really satisfied to have her entire left side solidly stitched. It was a joyful celebration thinking that I’ve now completely stitched more than half of the pages. Seriously, you’d’ve thought I was this close ( || ) to being done. When I realized just how far I have to go, I started looking for my fainting couch. Turns out I don’t have a fainting couch. Time to go shopping, I suppose. sigh

Well, stitchers, I’ve earned the privilege of starting anything I want. The excitement is palpable, believe me. 😉

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 62/235, or 52%
Completed pages: 9/16, or 56%  It’s actually 58%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches: 26,865/42300, or 64%

425 pieta wip 09 15   425 pieta wip 05 28


Happy Stitching! 🙂