Pieta, pt. 3

I’ve made some progress on Pieta.  My goal was to complete 23 rows.  It doesn’t look like anything.  I take that back.  It looks like smeared pencil and spilled ink.  At least I’m able to recognize what I’m looking at when I study the picture.  It’s a small consolation, but I suppose it will keep me from giving it up.  The boy’s friend asked me if it was a globe, then told me he thought it was a fountain at first. 

I’d originally planned to stitch this with the parking method.  Eventually I realized I’d be rethreading a needle every five stitches.  I so didn’t want to do that.  I know I could park the thread still in the needle, but that sounds like a big mess waiting to foil me.  I decided to skip the parking routine altogether. 

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm 🙂 ):
Completed rows: 23/235, or 10% (close enough, anyway)
Completed pages: 0/16, or 0%
Completed stitches: 7500/42300, or 17% (that means the big white blob between the black stitches is only about 8%. *sigh*)

I’ve gained 4% overall progress since my last report.  At one point I thought about completing one of the mostly black pages so I could have at least one completed page but decided against splitting my goals.  The tiny numbers can overwhelm me sometimes.  I have to remind myself that every project is completed the same way–one stitch at a time. 

Happy Stitching! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pieta, pt. 3

  1. That really takes perseverance! More power to you as you work on this. You have some journey ahead, but you’ve made progress and that’s the important thing.

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