Pieta, pt. 4

I haven’t managed to get my camera and my poppy biscornu together yet. I forget until I see one or another, and am generally focused on something else. I’ll get there.

I meant to make this post so long ago, but it was during the non-blogging period I had last year. I wasn’t blogging, but I was stitching. I completed my first page! It feels like a major milestone, all that highlighter yellow filling in every block. I’d started by working on each row. When I got close to finishing the first page, I abandoned my row-by-row stitching and concentrated on completing that first page. Now I’m this close to finishing page 2, so I want to document my first page progress.

Pieta wip, 01.01.12

This is actually a picture with a bit more stitching than I expected to show. I never did photograph my progress after completing page one. Oh, well.

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 31/235, or 13%
Completed pages: 1/16, or 6.25% It’s actually 6.67%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches: 8400/42300, or 20%

   Pieta wip, 01.01.12

Still doesn’t look like anything, but it doesn’t look much like a moon anymore, as the hubby said of the first picture.

Happy Stitching! 🙂


One thought on “Pieta, pt. 4

  1. Its going to look lovely when you have it done… I am wondering though, because I stitch all one color and then go to another and then the next rather than have the hanging threads…. do you feel it is it easier doing it your method instead of all of the thread counting that I am doing?

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