Δ  Going to Market by Dimensions It’s a kit that comes with 16-ct aida.  I’ll change the fabric and stitch it over one on 32-ct. to place in a clock frame. 04/09: Chose fabric. Started 06.13 Current wip photo
Δ 272 Words by Primrose Needleworks  Added 01.10 Current wip photo

Main Goals:
~~Rebecca Nurse by Primitive Hare Added 01.12
~~Ann Dale: Big and Beautiful by Shakespeare’s Peddler Added 01.12
~~Rose Lights by Chatelaine Added 01.10 03.11: Full kit of supplies are here.

(Some) Secondary Goals:
~~Wheels of Color by Genny Morrow Kitted and Good To Go. I’m actually going to start this one day, just you wait and see!
~~1724 MH Sampler by Threads of Gold Kitted and Good To Go
~~My Four Seasons Sampler by Giulia Punti Antichi Added 12.07 10/11: I’ve decided to only do one block instead of all four.
~~Ring O’ Roses by Papillon Creations Added 06.08 I have the floss pak from Hand-Dyed Fibers.
~~Mary Margaret by CHS Added 06.08
~~Easter Parade by Blackbird Designs Added 01.09
~~Flea Market Souvenir by Blackbird Designs Added 01.09
~~Quaker Heart by Examplar Dames Design Co. Added 04.11
~~Sampler Slipper by Thistle Threads Added 04.11
~~A Walk in the Woods by The Cricket Collection Added 04.11
~~A Canadian Journey Sewing Necessaire by Giulia Punti AntichiAdded 12/07. I got the fabric for Christmas (’07)! 03.08: Now I have the threads and ribbon. I just need the dupioni silk. I guess that makes it good to stitch.
~~Fortune Teller by Lynne Nicoletti Added 12.07
~~Alphabet Blocks Series by Carriage House Samplings I intend to stitch each letter individually and finish them as ornaments. I’m stitching both front and back. Why? I’m insane. 😉 OK, truly it’s because when I decided to finish them that way, I was thinking as though I’d be finishing a biscornu, and it didn’t occur to me to stitch them with fabric backs. I liked the idea, though. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s an insane idea. 07.08: A, B, C fronts and backs complete 02.09: D, E, F fronts and backs complete 04.11: Sometime last year I decided to change the color surrounding the alphabet words from Bittersweet to…Yeah, I’m not exactly sure. I haven’t decided. Thus, no progress.

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One thought on “Goals

  1. Can I ask you a question?? On 3/08 you made a reference to Loretta Spears “Bargello Symphony”. Did you ever finish the pattern?? The reason I’m asking is ..Do you still have the pattern and if you do would you be willing to sell or trade it?? I’ve love this pattern and I keep missing it.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Sandy Winters

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