Typing “stitchier” will get you a “that’s not spelled right, or something” red line. Stitchier, stitchier, stitchier. March isn’t half over yet, and I’ve already stitched more than last year, so stitchier it is.

Here’s what I’ve been up to–Oh, wait! I forgot to share this last year–



This is Just Nan’s Gingerbread Jingle Mouse, stitched on 32-ct gingerbread fabric (I want to say Picture this Plus?) with recommended DMC fibers. I stitched it for a friend for Christmas. It’s so freaking adorable. You know how sometimes you stitch a gift and don’t want to give it away? Yeah, that. I gave it to her, but it wasn’t easy. OK. Now for 2015 stitchier stitching.

Last December I was in AZ, and visited the Attic Needlework shop in Mesa. Yes, it’s as wonderful as you’ve heard. It was more wonderful than I expected, honestly. I relieved them of much stash when I was there. The Just Nan mouse above was one item that left with me. Another was this Rovaris pendant, which I stitched in January.



I completed the stitching fairly quickly, but I haven’t assembled it yet, because it went missing twice. The first time was in my stitchy trash can (gasp!). The second time was because I have too much stash. I rediscovered it yesterday. I’ve got to get busy with the assembly.

Next came Leaping Cat by La-D-Da. I stitched this over one over one on 40-ct. Light Exemplar as an experiment. There are counting errors that I learned to accept, though I wouldn’t have on another project. It was just too small and confusing to find the errors.  I love it anyway, so the experiment was a success.



What this project needs is an image that gives perspective. Trust me, it’s small. The framing was unexpectedly expensive. It deserves the extravagance.

I did some work on a WIP, too. Going to Market by Dimensions. The mother and child are walking to market, waiting for the background stitches. I’m stitching this over one on 32-ct. It’s challenging, but much easier than over one on 40-ct. linen.

I have strong magnifying lenses I clip to my glasses.



I also finished the January design of A Year in Chalk by Hands On Designs. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t wait to stitch it. I haven’t decided how to finish it. I don’t plan to stitch every month. I have March on order at my LNS. They are very cute designs.



I’ve also been working on a bigger project–Bargello Symphony by Loretta Spears. I’m not stitching this in the original colors. My sister saw my original Bargello Symphony and asked me to stitch it for her, but not in pink, as she doesn’t like pink. She ultimately decided on taupe and cream colors. My sister once asked me to never stitch anything for her, which, OUCH! But really, better to know beforehand, yes? I got over the sting quickly. More stitching time for presents for me. 🙂 When she asked me to stitch her something I was surprised and flattered. It’s really important to me that she likes it. I’ve been sending her progress pictures.



Fabric on the stretcher bars!



First stitch!


Part one (of six) complete.



Part two complete.

I have to wait to complete the third part. The instructions say you only need one spool of metallic, but I used it up already. Maybe I cut the pieces too long. I don’t know. But I’ll be able to complete part three when the spool comes into the LNS, as I had to order it. It’s so weird to be stitching this again. I never expected to.

I hope you’re warm and dry. Happy Stitching!


I haven’t been stitching much this year.  I’m in a major slump. I think it’s been close to a month since I’ve stitched.  Here’s a couple of WIP photos I took in February, I think. The lighting was horrible. So was the weather in January and February, am I right?

425 wip 272 words 02 14

272 Words WIP

425 wip going to market 02 14

Going to Market WIP

425 wip clock going to market 02 14

Going to Market WIP with clock

I received this Olde Colonial clock for Christmas so I can insert Going to Market. I hope it’s as lovely as I imagine. Looks like it probably will. 🙂

I hope you’re not in the slump I am, and are having a grand stitchy time. Happy stitching! 🙂

Rest Stop

I got a bit of burn-out, and a bit of startitis, while working on Going to Market, so we pulled over to a rest stop. I can’t actually start my project of choice just yet. I’m waiting for my LNS to call me about a couple of frame jobs I dropped off last week to go pick up the necessary perle floss to begin. I could start without it, but I don’t want to.  I’ve been working on Pieta in the meantime (progress pic to follow).

Here’s the current state of Market–

wip 06 15 13

Happy Stitching! 🙂

Going To Market

This week I worked on a new start, Going to Market by Dimensions.

going to market

I love Julia Cairns’ art. I had her calendar two years in a row. I bought this kit many moons ago because it reminds me of the year the husband and I lived in Antigua; our honeymoon busman’s holiday. I want to put it in an Olde Colonial clock when I’m done.  I’m pleased to have completed the little man and his bowl.

2013-06-02 23.41.24

The kit comes with 14-ct Aida. Stitching them one-over-one on 32-ct. linen will make it an ideal size for the clock. I don’t know the name of this linen, but I saw it in my LNS while looking for someone else and I knew it would be perfect for this design. I’d looked at other fabrics, but never quite felt any were “just right” until I saw this one. I love serendipity, don’t you?

This kit has some blended needles, so I’ve been improvising with DMC. The background is charted for mostly blended needle half stitches with three and four strands of floss. I’m considering using one strand for the three-strand symbols and two strands for the four-strand symbols. I”m going to experiment a bit to see whether using two strands over one is too tight. Stitching is full of excitement!!

Now I’m itching for stitching something else, like a small. Poor Pieta! 😉

Happy stitching! 🙂