A Diversion

I finished a small piece in my dormant “travel” bag. I haven’t had much waiting around to do lately.

Happy Bunny Bunny Day 07.12

So cute! I changed most of the colors. It started with the alphabet. While pulling threads for another project, I saw CC Wisconsin Woods and was inspired to make that the color of the alphabet. When I pulled the rest of the colors, I used what I had available that seemd to be close to the original colors. I didn’t have the buttons, so spiderweb roses were a fun substitute. I’ve loved this pattern for so long, admired others’ finishes so many times. I’m so glad I’ve stitched it. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Happy Bunny Bunny Day by The Trilogy
Stitched one over two on WDW 40-ct linen (can’t remember exactly which color–beige, maybe?)
Fibers used: CC River Rocks, Weeping Willow, and Wisconsin Woods, GAST Antique Rose, Forest Glade and Soot, and WDW Whitewash.
Embellished with spider web roses instead of buttons.

Happy Stitching! 🙂