Bargello Symphony Redux, Part 4.5


Here is my current progress on my sister’s Bargelo Symphony. I’m about halfway through part five, and still have so far to go. It’s the background stitch, the Victorian step stitch that’s the biggest part of what’s left.

I had some anxiety about the colors of the step stitch. I tried another color combination, but instead of easing my anxiety, it gave me a stomachache. Nerves are a much more tolerable form of anxiety to manage than stomach pain. As long as my sister is satisfied, I can let my uncertainties pass.

Time for the next motifs of part five and the little bit of step stitching. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Stitching!


Typing “stitchier” will get you a “that’s not spelled right, or something” red line. Stitchier, stitchier, stitchier. March isn’t half over yet, and I’ve already stitched more than last year, so stitchierย it is.

Here’s what I’ve been up to–Oh, wait! I forgot to share this last year–



This is Just Nan’s Gingerbread Jingle Mouse, stitched on 32-ct gingerbread fabric (I want to say Picture this Plus?) with recommended DMC fibers. I stitched it for a friend for Christmas. It’s so freaking adorable. You know how sometimes you stitch a gift and don’t want to give it away? Yeah, that. I gave it to her, but it wasn’t easy. OK. Now for 2015 stitchier stitching.

Last December I was in AZ, and visited the Attic Needlework shop in Mesa. Yes, it’s as wonderful as you’ve heard. It was more wonderful than I expected, honestly. I relieved them of much stash when I was there. The Just Nan mouse above was one item that left with me. Another was this Rovaris pendant, which I stitched in January.



I completed the stitching fairly quickly, but I haven’t assembled it yet, because it went missing twice. The first time was in my stitchy trash can (gasp!). The second time was because I have too much stash. I rediscovered it yesterday. I’ve got to get busy with the assembly.

Next came Leaping Cat by La-D-Da. I stitched this over one over one on 40-ct. Light Exemplar as an experiment. There are counting errors that I learned to accept, though I wouldn’t have on another project. It was just too small and confusing to find the errors. ย I love it anyway, so the experiment was a success.



What this project needs is an image that gives perspective. Trust me, it’s small. The framing was unexpectedly expensive. It deserves the extravagance.

I did some work on a WIP, too. Going to Market by Dimensions. The mother and child are walking to market, waiting for the background stitches. I’m stitching this over one on 32-ct. It’s challenging, but much easier than over one on 40-ct. linen.

I have strong magnifying lenses I clip to my glasses.



I also finished the January design of A Year in Chalk by Hands On Designs. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t wait to stitch it. I haven’t decided how to finish it. I don’t plan to stitch every month. I have March on order at my LNS. They are very cute designs.



I’ve also been working on a bigger project–Bargello Symphony by Loretta Spears. I’m not stitching this in the original colors. My sister saw my original Bargello Symphony and asked me to stitch it for her, but not in pink, as she doesn’t like pink. She ultimately decided on taupe and cream colors. My sister once asked me to never stitch anything for her, which, OUCH! But really, better to know beforehand, yes? I got over the sting quickly. More stitching time for presents for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ When she asked me to stitch her something I was surprised and flattered. It’s really important to me that she likes it. I’ve been sending her progress pictures.



Fabric on the stretcher bars!



First stitch!


Part one (of six) complete.



Part two complete.

I have to wait to complete the third part. The instructions say you only need one spool of metallic, but I used it up already. Maybe I cut the pieces too long. I don’t know. But I’ll be able to complete part three when the spool comes into the LNS, as I had to order it. It’s so weird to be stitching this again. I never expected to.

I hope you’re warm and dry. Happy Stitching!

Small finishes

Two small finishes of projects stitched earlier this year.ย  First is Petite Confidences, or Key to My Heart. I saw a different way to stitch smalls together in Ginnie Thompson’s Linen Stitches and thought I’d give it a whirl. She outlined her pieced with chain stitches, saying it made for a pretty finish. It certainly makes for a pretty outline. I can’t say I noticed much difference when they were assembled.

I used a grommet to be able to hang the lock. I was going to use eyelets for the key, but I used thick interface to make the pieces sturdy and had trouble getting eyelets through each of the keys. I made Kloster blocks instead. It worked out well. This picture shows them hanging from my purse handle. I moved it to the zipper because my zipper pull broke, but I’m thinking of moving it again.

Petite Confidences 05.11

Next I finished the Tulip Bookmark by Needleworks. I struggled with the cord, but I’m happy with the finished product.

Needleworks Tulip Bookmark 06.11

Happy Stitching! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tulip Bookmarker

I don’t like the word “bookmarker.” I don’t remember when I got Tulip Bookmarker by Sue Hawkins of Needleworks. It was long before she redesigned her website, which is pretty spiffy these days. Oh, wait. I take that back. Not the spiffy website part, but the where I got the pattern part. I remembered browsing for days trying to choose a pattern. Which one? Will I/Won’t I? It was grand fun. I didn’t browse Sue Hawkins’ site, though. I browsed Rose Cottage Needle Arts, which I found when I tried to find a link to a picture of Tulip Bookmarker. <–that exact picture is on Sue Hawkins’ site, but there’s the whole Scribd thing going on over there, and the page I linked to is more direct. It sort of looks like the Rose Cottage site hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but I could be wrong.

Anyway. I started this project a long time ago. I’m not sure how long it’s languished. I recently decided to decide about my UFOs. I reached a tipping point with my stash. I’ve just got to get these things done, or have done with them. This was the first one. I love the colors. I don’t know why I stopped working on it. I do remember a general dissatisfaction, but I don’t remember exactly why. I didn’t love the way the stitching looked, and I remember a certain amount of pain trying to stitch in-hand with canvas. Don’t try that at home!

I was more than halfway done, so I decided to complete it. After I was done I saw that I’d used the wrong color floss on the red, long-legged cross-stitches on each side of the tulip motif on the bottom, humbug pattern. I also stitched the second row of long-legged x-stitches in a different direction than the first–I started at a different end. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  Whatever. I’m glad to be done. I wasn’t enjoying stitching it when I first re-started. I was regretting my decision to finish it. I gradually changed my mind. And now I’m Superwoman for finishing!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

Needleworks Tulip Bookmark 04.11

Tulip Bookmarker, a kit by Sue Hawkins of Needleworks. A bookmark with a square fob on one end and a humbug at the other
Stitched with included supplies
Changes: long-legged cross stitches stitched with dark red instead of light red

Next in the stitching queue is another “decide to decide” piece that I’ve decided to complete.

Happy Stitching!

Drive-By Post

Just a quick “Howdi Do” to share a picture, because, OMG, Ponies!!!!1!!11!!

I finished, I took it off the stretcher bars, I took it outside. Swoon, drool, faint, I am so excited! It needs to be blocked, but it’s completed! Woo-Hoo!!

Bargello Symphony, AKA Mystery #8 by Loretta Spears
Stitched as recommended

OK, now what? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Step-Stitching and Daydreaming

In which my mind wanders while I Step Stitch…

Bargello Symphony doesn’t photograph with the same shade of pink I daydream in, but the lightest pink in the Victorian step stitch is similar to pink angora, to peppermint smarshmallows. Mmm…peppermint marshmallows… I’m so close, I can’t stand it! ๐Ÿ™‚