Bargello Symphony, part 12

Now that this part’s complete, I’ve been busy step-stitching. I can see the finish, and it’s a sunny day!

5 thoughts on “Bargello Symphony, part 12

  1. A comment for This time and Last Time:

    “…because I love it so much and wanted it to be perfect.”

    I so understand; this is such a theme of my own stitching life! Whew! Maybe life at large.

    I totally forget where it came from, but I’ve had this tab open for several days in my browser:

    While it’s not the first time I’ve heard about the perfection-procrastination cycle, I’ve had some positive revelations while considering this post. Particularly about the affect of my religious cult upbringing on fostering a dichotomous thinking pattern.

    So! What a journey this piece is–and I still (even perfectionist that I am) think it’s beautiful and wonderful and above fault–before or after frogging. 🙂 It just is, and what it is okay. 🙂 Better, as a matter of fact. I think it’s wonderful, and love visiting to look in on it.

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