Lesson One Complete

Bargello Symphony was designed by Loretta Spears in 1996. Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago. She sold her designs online as mysteries. This is Mystery #8. I gather from the instructions that these mysteries were originally broken up into lessons which were sent out every two weeks. This lesson took me one week. I would be full of anticipation for the next lesson if I’d started this in the dark. This project is broken up into six lessons. I’m pretty sure future lessons are going to take me longer than one week each.

I completed Lesson One last night. It’s a sunny day, but this project has taxed my very limited photography skills (ahem: Point. Shoot. And oh, yeah, hit that macro button). I can’t manage a photo that comes close t0 making me feel the way the real thing does. This photo can only say, “You get the idea.”

Happy Stitching!


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