Bargello Symphony, Lesson Four Complete

I was so happy to find a photo of the completed fourth lesson. I thought I’d forgotten to take a progress picture at that point. I don’t think Ms. Spears refers to this pattern as ribbon bargello, but I’m confident that’s its name. She doesn’t name any of the upcoming motifs, either. They’re just purty.Hooray for finding lost treasures!

As Fred Kwan says in Galaxy Quest, “It’s the little things in life you cherish.”

Happy Stitching. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bargello Symphony, Lesson Four Complete

  1. Love that bargello stitch. You do such perfect stitching! This is beginning to remind me of a piece I did in the 70’s back in the day of using Persian yarn. It was little motifs of different stitches all overlapping and randomly placed. Then a neutral background color was used to fill in with tent stitch.

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