TUSAL 04/04/11

We had a mishap with the shelf I’ve been using to photograph my TUSAL jar. Lucy approves of this month’s progress. She disapproves of its lack of cushy comfort.

Liberty Pincushion

I’ve been busy, not stitching exactly, but busy with stitchy doin’s.  I’ve hit a motivational wall.  I haven’t stitched in three days!  Someone take my temperature!  I did manage to finish my Liberty Pincushion recently.  {yay, me}

Liberty Pincushion in star 08.10

I love how this picture highlights the messy part. </sarcasm> I don’t think the messy bit is horrible, in a noticeable way, it’s just the first thing I see when I look at the photo. 

I’m very pleased with this.  I even had a, um, helper.

Lucy 08.10

OK. Maybe not so much.

Happy Stitching! 🙂

Weekends at the Shores, pts. 7 & 8

Part 7:

The husband’s computer is in the shop.  He keeps asking can he check his email and then playing Spider for hours on end.  I can’t wait to pick it up.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!! 😉

Shortly after I finished this ship in a bottle, I “lost” Shores of Hawk Run Hollow–to the husband.  It’s my own fault.  I showed him the completed Block 9 and asked him what it reminded him of.

He said, “Indiana?”  I think it may have been because of the building’s color.  One home we considered buying when we lived in Indiana was a converted barn.  It was cool.  Then again, it could have been the Mail Pouch barns that are still scattered around the countryside.  We lived in the (very small) town where this one is located:

Yeah, I guess I can see it.  I was going for Nova Scotia–
I shoulda kept my mouth shut.  He didn’t pay much attention to Shores before that.  I started stitching the ship in a bottle, and he was transfixed.  He told me he loved the boat.  Well, yeah, I could have guessed you would.  “Is this our Nova Scotia cross-stitch,” he wanted to know.  No, I sorta made this our Nova Scotia cross-stitch:

Nova  Scotia by satellite
I guess we can have two.

Part 8:

Very near to my completing Block 10, he asked me who I was stitching this for.  “Me, I told him, just me.”  I even know where I want to hang it.  Then I get the puppy dog eyes.  “Why?  Do you want it?”  I got an eager nod, complete with a sheepish grin.  *sigh*  OK, I guess you can have it.  So now it’s not mine anymore.  I know he’s going to hang it in the basement.  It’s where most of our Nova Scotia and ship collection is.

Block 10 completed.  I knew he’d like the ship in a bottle because he owns one.  It was a going away present from the staff when we left Nova Scotia.  I got to meet the artist.  He was a dear, elderly man who was unable to continue making the ships due to failing eyesight.  It was a treat to meet him.  That day is a fond memory.

I believe the husband’s cat approves.  You can never be too sure with her.

Happy Stitching!