How 2009 ended

I didn’t manage to share the last bits of stitchy accomplishments at the end of last year, so I decided to do it today. Just a couple of quick pics~~

Pineapple Fob by It's Fine-ally Finished 11.09

I finally finished my Pineapple Scissor Fob by It’s Fine-ally Finished. heh.  I trimmed the silk ribbon “leaves” a bit short, alas, but I still adore it.  I’m glad I’ve finished it. 🙂
Vitals: Stitched on 32-ct. Sandstone linen using recommended fibers and ribbon.

Sometimes I’ve liked a pattern so much I’ve bought duplicates.  *blush*  The following picture is one of those patterns.  It was all good, though, as I stitched it twice, once for my step-daughter and once for myself.  I’m planning to eventually finish them as a flat fold and a pinkeep/ornament thingy.

Give Thanks 11.09

Vitals: Give Thanks by Elizabeth’s Designs.
Stitched on 28-ct. Wheaten linen using included fibers and charm.

I suppose I could have scanned each piece to show the slight variations in results that happen when using overdyed floss, but I didn’t feel like it.  I don’t think you feel like you’ve missed out.