Pieta, pt. 11

So there I was, plugging away on Pieta, when I noticed something. “Boy!” I called. “Come down here!”

Ever the dutiful son (cough), he obeyed. “Look at her. Does she look like a Terminator to you?” He agreed she did, so I gave him a substantial increase in his allowance (cough, cough). I confess my schoolgirl self felt terribly guilty and blasphemous, what with this being the Virgin Mary and all, but the brain sees what it sees. Mine sees Terminator Mary. How about yours?

Terminator Pieta

Lo, and behold, about a week later, no more Terminator Mary! You can definitely see her lower facial outline. I’ve always loved her delicate, beautiful face. Crossing the halfway point on this project was as exciting for me as if it was a finish. When I crowed to the boy, he told me to hurry up and finish her. He’s grounded until he’s forty. 😉

Sing with me!
Halfway done, halfway done, I’m halfway, halfway done!
Catchy tune, don’t you think? I may have missed my calling as a pop lyricist.

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 62/235, or 52%
Completed pages: 8/16, or 50%  It’s actually 52%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches:23260/42300, or 55%



Happy Stitching! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pieta, pt. 11

  1. I don’t get the Terminator thing, but whatever… it’s a beautiful piece and I can’t believe how much stitching must go into that. Amazing stick-to-itive-ness!

  2. LOL on the Terminator thing. She looks much better with more of her face in. With that said, that is a tremendous amount of stitching, but it’s going to be absolutely beautiful when you’re finished!

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