Pieta, pt. 1

It’s always something.  I got back my blogging mojo and my scanner went kaput.  *sigh*  I think I’m back in business.

Several years ago, my father told me he’d bought a cross-stitch kit of the Madonna’s face from Michelangelo’s Pieta.  He had won it on ebay, and asked me if I would stitch it for him.  I told him sure, just send it to me.  And…well, he didn’t.  We spoke of it off and on over the years.  He moved, and thought the kit was in a box in his garage.  He couldn’t find it in any of his boxes and gave it up for lost.  At some point, I got it into my head that he was talking about Cross Stitch Collectibles’ pattern.  I’d forgotten that it was a kit.  A few months ago, he found it and sent it to me.  It was an old kit by Janlynn.

It’s a nice kit.  I don’t want to stitch it.  It’s too brown for me.  Plus, it makes her nose look big.  I liked Cross Stitch Collectibles’ design better.  So, I got that one and kitted it up.  What am I going to do with the Janlynn kit?  I don’t know. Here’s what I’ll end up with some day~~

Time to wow you with progress pictures.  By rights, the first one should have been in my post showing what I’d stitched up to the end of 2009, but it was still on the camera. 

One whole row.  I’m stitching it on 25-ct evenweave, one over one.  I can do that, since there’s only 14 colors, with no blended colors.  I got lucky with that one. 🙂

Here’s the latest progress shot, taken on Jan 24~~

That’s in the neighborhood of 6% complete.  It’s all the black on the first page, and some black from the next three pages.  I plan to get the “easy” stitching (the black background) done first.  It will get boring, but it will go quicker. I have a lot of quirks regarding how I estimate how much I’ve finished of a dense project like this.  Perhaps I’ll torture share them with you in future updates.

Hope to see you soon.  Happy stitching!


5 thoughts on “Pieta, pt. 1

  1. Hmm; I see what you mean about her nose being big (looks like mine, lol!) Wow, I don’t know ANYTHING about making such a BAP–or about marking it off. It looks like you’ve cut the vertical guides as you went, but not the horizontal ones. I’d be really interested in how you put on the yellow guide, and also how you “use it up and remove” as you go along. I’m also weird enough to wonder how you estimate completion. 😀

    I purposely did something similar with When Witches Go Riding by PS–I started at the bottom so that I’d do the most densely-stitched area first–but it’s nothing compared to this rendering of the Pieta! Whew!

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