Pieta, pt. 12

Patience. I can has it!

You know that non-yelly piece of parenting advice that suggests that you withhold fun privilege A from a child until they’ve accomplished icky task B? I’ve had frustrations with this in the past, because, boy, can a kid sacrifice A in order to avoid B, you know? Sheesh, just do B, and we’ll all be happy. But, nooooo. I tried this tactic on myself recently. Since I’ve had difficulty motivating myself to stitch on Pieta, I proclaimed there would be no stitching on anything until a page of Pieta is complete! I was very strict with myself. I’m impressed I didn’t abandon this plan in favor of stitching whatever I wanted. I waited TWO weeks before I started stitching on my. Can you imagine no stitching for two whole weeks?!? Neither could I before it happened. She looked over my shoulder from my stitching stand, and I gave her virtual raspberries. I looked through kitted project after kitted project, and didn’t lose my resolve. Finally, after TWO WEEKS of no stitching, I started up again.

This sort of patience is not normally in my wheelhouse, believe me. I didn’t imagine it would take me that long to return to stitching Pieta. Or, if I did, I certainly didn’t imagine I would wait that long to stitch anything. It’s more my style to tell myself stitching is supposed to be fun, so get busy stitching whatever it is I want. What a surprise. Anyway, here is the current progress pic:

425 pieta wip 05 28

It always amazes me how seemingly random stripes of gray start to actually look like something as a page fills in. I made a point of “touching bottom”, since the page I was working on doesn’t reach that far. That was thrilling. Remember “touching bottom” in the pool as a kid? Yeah. Same feeling. Sweet memories. I’m also really satisfied to have her entire left side solidly stitched. It was a joyful celebration thinking that I’ve now completely stitched more than half of the pages. Seriously, you’d’ve thought I was this close ( || ) to being done. When I realized just how far I have to go, I started looking for my fainting couch. Turns out I don’t have a fainting couch. Time to go shopping, I suppose. sigh

Well, stitchers, I’ve earned the privilege of starting anything I want. The excitement is palpable, believe me. 😉

Progress stats, according to Terri Reckoning (tm :) ):
Completed rows: 62/235, or 52%
Completed pages: 9/16, or 56%  It’s actually 58%, because the design isn’t a square.
Completed stitches: 26,865/42300, or 64%

425 pieta wip 09 15   425 pieta wip 05 28


Happy Stitching! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pieta, pt. 12

  1. Looks like way more than 50 Shades of Grey (kind of an irreverent reference given the subject matter of your piece). But your stick-to-it-iveness is paying off! Treat yourself to something fun and if it were me, that means something with lots of color at this point!

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