More Naruto pictures

sasori as puppet 03-08
I love this picture.  Sasori is a minor character, some kind of puppet.

Sasori with puppet 03-08
Here he is with his puppet.

rasengon 03-08
Rasengan Naruto. I love the face.

half kyubi half naruto 03-08
Half Kyubi/Half Naruto

Naruto with scroll 03-08
A color picture?

kyubi naruto 03-08
Yep! Two, even!


8 thoughts on “More Naruto pictures

  1. Terri, my darling daughter i can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see my Grandson’s art work. The VA cancled my doppler appointment today…oh the pain….(Just kidding! I am fine)It is so good to see that some one else besides me am talented. Do I have an Ego…Darn right I do!
    Love youse (Brooklyn snuck in)

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