Be Cheerful.

I am!  I finished the text on Desiderata yesterday.  And, and, I touched bottom!  Yes, I have reached the last band.  I stayed up late watching true crime shows just to do it.  My heart was pounding with excitement when I began the Kloster band, I kid you not.  It was really hard to put it away today, but I have that dragon I want to finish before the end of time, so I can’t get distracted by Desiderata Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  I’ll have to rely on other distractions in my dragon-procrastinating efforts.  OK, first, the unexciting close-up of the initial Kloster baby steps:


Now the squeeful progress picture!


You know what next week is: Kloster Block City!  I’m looking forward to it like I looked forward to concerts back in the day. 😀


3 thoughts on “Be Cheerful.

  1. Fantastic – you are so close!! I have enjoyed watching this come along week by week……… :-)You are so close to the finish line now!

    Jackie in UK xx

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