Desiderata Monday, pt. 34


I changed the text again.  The original chart has a comma after “be” instead of a period.  I had to scoot the text over to make room for the capital “A.” 

I love stitching this so much.  I’m excited about finishing, framing and hanging it in my home.  But I don’t want to come to the end, either!    I just have to finish this block of text, one stitchy band, another block of text and the final, hardanger row. 

I’ve enjoyed having “Desiderata Monday” to look forward to almost as much as stitching it.  I’ve decided to choose one of my BAPs from my Goals list to replace it once I’ve finished.  I hope I love my next once-a-week project as much as this one.  I know whatever I choose, it won’t be as fun to announce as it has been to say to my family, “Do you know what today is?” [They always say, “No.”]  Then I get to proclaim, “It’s Desiderata Monday!”  Such fun. 🙂  It’s been part of the joy.


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