Desiderata Monday, pt. 32


While I was stitching the stems for my acorns, they seemed kind of ‘thorny’–the cross stitches seemed isolated and spiky.  They don’t look thorny now.  It must have been a super-close to the stitching thing.

Story of the acorns, or why thorough reading of instructions are a good thing:  I’m stitching the sampler in silks, and the instructions say to use one ply of silk floss for all stitches, except where noted.  I missed the part where it said to use 2 plies for satin stitch, but used 2 plies when I stitched the illuminated “G,” anyway, thinking I was instructed to use a single ply, but using 2 plies b/c I wanted to stitch it that way.  So when I read the instructions for the first acorn, way back when, and it specified using 2 plies of floss for the satin acorn top, I thought I should use 3 plies, so as to make the satin top fuller than the other satin stitching in the sampler.  You know, like, the directions were telling me to use an extra ply of floss.  It was only later that I realized it was only redundant instructions, and not a directive for really plump satin stitching.  Fast-forward to this acorn row, and the instructions say to stitch the row like the first acorn.  What’s a girl to do?  Stitch it as it was intended, or stitch it like the first?  I chose to stitch it like the first, so I’ve got really plump acorn tops going on right now.  I did it partly for sameness, and partly b/c “That’s what the instructions say to do!” ;o) and partly b/c I think it’s kinda funny.  Sort of.  If you’re weird like me. ;o)

Almost done with Page Four!  cool.


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