Desiderata framed

Oh, my last Desiderata post!  I got this back yesterday, and was able to photograph it today.  It was quite a gloomy day yesterday. 

Desiderata framed 06.08


19 thoughts on “Desiderata framed

  1. Terri, it is just beautiful! The perfect frame and the right amount of matting. You should get years and years of enjoyment from it.

  2. Oh – my – goodness. That is so many things.

    Awe inspiring

    Congratulations in having the perseverance it takes to complete a project of that magnitude! It brought tears to my eyes! I’m a sap when it comes to beautiful cross-stitch finishes!! Wonderful job!


  3. Thank you!!

    I have been searching for the right sampler to do at my leisure (for no one but me), something big but not too intimidating, using silks, and saying something meaningful. YOU have inspired me!!

    I have the Desiderata on a small paper wall hanging that hung in my parent’s house as I was going up and then in my house as my kids were growing up but it’s old and torn so I was looking to replace it. It may be a year or two, but when mine is done I will look forward to hanging it in my home and maybe someday my grand-kids will read it!!!

  4. Terry, do you have any recommendations for where to get framing done? Did you prepare it in any way for framing or do they do it? I’m at the halfway mark with my Desi. Funny how I have made the same errors you did and had to fix! Left out one eyelet stitch, counting, etc. I just love it!

  5. I recently found this pattern on eBay; I was inspired to look for it after my boss sent me a Christmas message quoting “Desiderata.” Your work is incredible, and the photos show how this can be done methodically, devoting time to it regularly. Thanks for posting your progress on this; my boss and his wife may be getting this for next Christmas!

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