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Sweet Betsy!

I finished Betsy yesterday.  Now I’m waiting for my LNS to call and tell me my order is in (Elizabeth’s Designs Bumble Bee) so I can bring her and the Dandelion Clock to be framed.  I hope they hurry.  I’m dying to look at the JCS Christmas Ornament Issue!  Here’s Betsy:

Betsy 09.08

Betsy by Sheepish Designs
Stitched one over two on 36-ct Sand linen with NPI Silks. 
Modifications: Stitched “1776” for date instead of this year, and used darker red for the red bird on the tree instead of the medium red as charted.


Here’s the tiny bit I stitched yesterday.  Six small hills for six sheepies to graze upon.  Please note the circled bit with giant arrows pointing to it.

I ask you: how long do you suppose it took me to stitch that particular hill?  No, I’m a slow stitcher, remember?  Guess again.  Yeah, you’d think so, wouldn’t you?  I’d expect “not too terribly long, T, fer cryin’ out loud it’s not a lot of stitches,” too.  But if that was your guess, you’re WRONG.  I wasn’t just visited by a frog last night.  No.  Last night, I qualified for this:

You know, I don’t have one particular formula for stitching.  Sometimes I’ll stitch all the same color in an area, sometimes I take the easy most accurate way, and stitch the design according to what’s closest to what I’ve just stitched.  It’s all about following whims.  For instance, in my last wip photo, it appears that I completed each color as I went.  It’s a carefully staged illusion.  I didn’t permit myself to take a wip pic until I completed each color used for Betsy, but it wasn’t stitched in a color-by-color order. 

I wanted to stitch the hills and the tree leaves all at once.  It would have been much easier to stitch each hill one row at a time, or one hill at a time, row by row.  But I wanted to stitch all of the hills first and then the cute little sheep.  I very carefully counted the placement for the middle hill on the right.  I counted more than once (three or four times, to tell the truth) before stitching the hill.  That hill was perfectly placed!  Unfortunately, I used the bottom middle hill to orient the middle right hill instead of the bottom right hill.  I left the misplaced hill in the wrong place to ensure I didn’t screw up again make the same mistake twice.  I was very careful with my counting the second time and was pleased to see that I had stitched the hill in the proper place. 🙂

Now it was time to frog the original, misplaced hill.  I carefully snipped the front.  I turned it around and snipped the back.  I pulled the stitches out.  I pulled of stray fuzz and turned the piece around to check for fuzz on the front.  There was none.  There was also no newly stitched hill!!  I had frogged it, too!  Ahem.  As I said:

I stitched that baby for a third time.  Third time’s the charm and all that, yeah, yeah.  It was so aggravating.  I needed to finish all six hills before I put the piece away for the day, to be sure I didn’t do something like that again before I was done.  I hope, I hope, I hope I’ve put that bit of foolishness behind me, and can finish the piece without pulling out any more hair, or spending too much time sitting in a corner sporting my new hat. 😉

Stop laughing!  I know you’ve done things like that, too.  Confess!


Sarah Elliot’s Sewing Chest by Primitive Traditions.  It costs a bundle ($180), but it comes with the chest and scrimshaw bookmark and a brass ruler and a whale charm and a button and felt and finishing instructions, and it’s lovely, simply lovely, and right now I can see it on a shelf under Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  My birthday is in November…Christmas not long after.  If I send the link now, the husband can start saving. ;o)

Look at that checkerboard sea!  This picture is from ABC Stitch Therapy, second on the page as of today.  And it’s on the Silver Needle site with more pictures that make you swoon and drool and reach for the smelling salts.  Damn the Silver Needle for tempting me so!

Desiderata finis

The completed sampler.  It got a little cut off on the bottom, but I ain’t scanning again! lol  I took so many fruitless photos.  This is plenty good for me. 😮 

Desiderata designed by Catherine Strickler of Indigo Rose
Stitched on 32-ct Antique White linen using recommended silks.
Minor changes in spacing of text and wording to reflect copyrighted version

Here’s my webshots link, in case you see a broken picture.  I’m having a devil of a time today.  The picture shows up in the editor, then disappears.