Desiderata Monday, pt. 43

I finished!  I need to take a photo of the completed piece, but for now I’ll post the final, completed band.


Happy stitching!!


8 thoughts on “Desiderata Monday, pt. 43

  1. Oh dear, you’ve made a mistake… that “T M” was supposed to be “M K”, wasn’t it?! Don’t worry I can frog and restitch when I get it ;P

    Seriously, congratulations on a beautiful finish! And thanks much for posting the weekly pics… I feel as though I’ve stitched along with you!

  2. I’m almost done with the hardanger stitching now and will probably be ready to cut in a couple of days. Should I leave it on the scroll taught to cut? Or is it better to remove it completely? I’m scarrreeedd!

    PS I will send you a picture when it’s done. My stitches are not as neat as yours but its still gorgeous and I’m proud!

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