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Spring into Summer

I’ve been keeping busy with small projects. I had a crisis of indecision with the modified Bargello Symphony, so I’ve been distracting myself.

I decided on a way to finish my Year in Chalk designs. I’m really pleased with the results.


I found a lasercut plaque I liked and painted it white. I stuck a Pro MAG magnetic card to the front. I mounted the finished piece on a piece of comic book backing board and put another magnetic card on the back. Β It was tricky for me to get the piece to center on the plaque the way I wanted, so I added a few tiny rare earth magnets to the plaque’s magnetic card, et voila! A happy stitcher.


I’d say luck was with me with this finish. I prefer the magnets to Velcro. I also put a magnetic card on the back of the plaque so I could put it on my magnetic wall. The card wasn’t strong enough to hold the plaque and finished design, so I glued a few rare earth magnets to the card with much success.


I had some fun with my magnets.


What’s that, you say? Spring is almost over? I mentioned summer in my blog title? Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of summer? All true. Here’s A Taste of Summer by Shepherd’s Bush. I didn’t stitch the words.


I hope you have a good weekend.

Happy Stitching! πŸ™‚


March at the Shores, pt. 19

I FINISHED!! Sorry to scream, but I almost can’t believe it.

425 block 8

Block 8 completed. We decided to use Capt. Jack Aubrey’s name, because the husband loves Patrick O’Brian’s series. We used the date of O’Brian’s death in 2001 as the death date. It seemed appropriate to lay him to rest in 1818. The last year Aubrey is known to command a vessel is 1817. Last night I thought 1821 may have been a better year, since O’Brian’s final, unfinished manuscript was titled 21. But, you know, whatever.

Here she is, finally:

425 complete 5Vitals:

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, designed by Kathy Barrick-Dieter of Carriage House Designs
Stitched on 40-ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Autumn Gold with NPI silks as recommended.

I hope you had a lovely Easter. Happy Stitching! πŸ™‚