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Every once in a while, you see something that completely grabs you.  These scissors qualify for me.  When I saw them, I was filled with wishing for them.  So much so, I actually contemplated making an unplanned visit to see my brother this weekend so I could visit the Silver Needle booth at Celebration of Needlework show in Louisville.  That’s just nutty, not to mention expensive.  I can daydream, though.   I’m not one for collecting scissors.  I have more than one pair, sure, but I don’t remember ever having been overwhelmed with scissor-love at first sight.  Until today. 

In other stitchy news, I picked up a couple of framed pieces today.  *clap, clap*

Dandelion Clock framed

Dandelion Clock by Margaret Sherry framed with our dwarf hamsters

Betsy framed 10.08

Betsy by Sheepish Designs.  I LOVE this frame.

I hope you have a good stitching day, too.

dandelion clock

One GINORMOUS dandelion. Look at the Queen Anne’s Lace in the background. That’s a seriously tall, and large, dandelion. I love it.

Here’s a close-up of the Queen Anne’s Lace. So pretty! These photos were taken at Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park, VA, where we spent two nights during our trip.  I would have linked to the official park page, but as I type, it’s not working. 

Why do I share a dandelion picture, you ask?  I mean, besides liking the picture, of course.  Because I love how it relates to my recent (yesterday) finish, Dandelion Clock!  OMG, so cuuuuuuuttttte! I adore him.   He will live in my son’s room. 

dandelion clock

Dandelion Clock by Margaret Sherry
stitched on 28-ct. Summer Sky Jobelan using DMC threads
Changes: I shortened the tail and stitched it in DMC 762 and white to make it a hamster instead of a mouse, and instead of stitching the dandelion seeds in DMC 535, I used 640 and Wisper thread.  I only had the gray and some white Wisper thread, so I used gray.  White wouldn’t have shown on the fabric.  If I’d gone to the LNS for another color, I would have spent a bunch of money, so I made do. 🙂