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Magnificent Wizard

I didn’t get to stitch on Desiderata last Monday b/c stuff happens, and I skipped this week because I was sooo close to finishing Magnificent Wizard, I couldn’t think about taking it off the stand.  Late last night, I finished!  Yay, yay, I actually finished!  I love this piece now that I’m done.  Yeah, I remember calling it “Cross-Stitch Jail,” but now I’m done and I can appreciate its loveliness.  Cuz I don’t have to stitch it anymore.  😀

 magnificent wizard complete 05.08

It doesn’t show up well in the picture, but the bottom part of the design, where the rocks and mist are, are so beautifully designed, the way the colors complement each other.  I think knowing I was almost done, and then the color combinations, combinations I would never have chosen, were so right together, it kept me motivated.  Hooray for that. 😉

On Tuesday, I will pick up my son from school, and we’ll take it to get framed.  He’s so excited.  He’s been waiting to pick out the frame since he got his Gaara framed.

Now to finish Desiderata!  squee!