I <3 the Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse is my LNS.  It is a *wonderful* store.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, service-oriented.  They have so many models, I can’t tell you.  Every wall is covered in models–floor to ceiling.  There is no empty wall space.  The shop has two large front windows, both of which are always filled with seasonally current models.  They are always shifting models around. If you need inspiration, this is the place to find it. 

Skeptical?  The front page has a link to pictures inside the store.  Take a gander.  Models, models, models.  New stuff, classic stuff.  It’s mostly framed pieces, but there are pillows and stockings and fobs, too.  It’s a cross-stitch addict’s visual paradise.   

Still don’t believe in the inspirational power of this store?  Today, I took my son to the store to get Magnificent Wizard framed.  He’s tried cross-stitching a couple of times, but he finds it a tedious craft, and loses interest quickly.  Still, after looking around, he saw a model of a Margaret Sherry pattern that I believe I have in my stash, and asked me to kit it for him and to alter the pattern so it’s a hamster, not a mouse, because after this afternoon he wants to try to stitch again.  After talking with the clerk, he’s decided that if he has the patience to edit a video game, he might have what it takes to stitch.

Such is the power of The Rocking Horse.


My computer seriously crashed, and I’m putting it back together (s-l-o-w-l-y).  One thing about the putting back together is the looking at stuff I never pay attention to, like iGoogle. At the moment, my iGoogle has a “how to” section on it, and one of them is how to cross stitch! 

It doesn’t take much to excite me, which gives you a little insight into my daily grind. ;o)

Here is the how to link from iGoogle:

As for the crashing, all I can say is this: I’m grateful I paid for an extended warranty, and I’m grateful I backed up my computer in the morning of the very day it crashed.  The final result of all my tech support maze negotiating is that my monitor is mostly kaput, and my DVD+RW is a goner, too.  *sigh*  It could be worse. 

But: waiting for Mozy is like watching paint dry, and so is my older back-up, StorageSync.  Eh.  I’ll get there.  I have much experience with the long-time-taking projects. ;o)