Hamster love

When my son got hamsters for his b’day, I never dreamed the whole family would fall in love with them the way we have.  I can’t get over it.  The husband is forever wondering who loves the little guys more, me or the son.  

When we bought them, I sort of knew they were a male and a female, but didn’t think about it.  On the one hand, there was denial (of future offspring).  On the other hand, I wanted babies (if I’m honest).  They warm my heart.  In two, short weeks, they’ve gone from being creepy to flat-out adorable.  They’re difficult for me to photgraph, but I keep trying.


Baby with Mum.

One of the best feelings in the world is a baby hamster’s paws on your fingers, looking for its share of apple, or carrot, or oat, since its littermate just got some.  Such a delicate sensation, delivering joy.

We held a couple of them for the first time this morning.  I was worried the mum would panic, but she didn’t bat an eye. I’d bore you with more pics, but WordPress is being disagreeable right now. Besides, it’s near impossible to capture the cuteness factor in photos.

On the stitching front, we went to IKEA to browse for bedroom furniture for the boy yesterday, and I didn’t get to stitch at all.  I did work on my DMC floss re-organizing project.  I mention it only b/c it was a consolation for me to at least do something stitchy. heh.

And, and, the boy started middle school today!  Oh, the milestones.  

Desiderata Monday, pt. 18

Well, one of the baby hamsters wandered away from the nest this morning!  Still blind, and I’m not sure exactly what it was looking for.  I assume it was first looking for Mom, and then just wanted to get home.  When Mom discovered the pup, she tossed it on its back to nurse it, but it wasn’t interested.  Mom was confused by all of it.  I’m sure she had no idea Baby had wandered.  Baby moseyed over toward Dad, who promptly ran away.  Mom has given Dad What-For several times for sticking his nose into her nest, and now he’s learned his lesson and is afraid of his pups.  I feel so sorry for the poor, harrassed papa.  Sorry for the blurry pic; he wouldn’t sit still for a proper pose. 😉


Nine-day-old runaway pup

I worked on Desiderata on Monday and Tuesday this week.  I thought I owed it to myself.  Plus, the next band is a row of Rhodes stitches in the beautiful Waterlilies Cafe Au Lait, and I didn’t want to wait another week to get started on that.  I love stitching with that color so much.  So, since I know you’re looking for pictures, I’ll upload them for you. 🙂


I really enjoyed stitching the foliage stitches on the right.  They’re sort of one-strand satin stitches.  Very pretty and fun to stitch.  Here’s some close-ups–


wip-08-28-07-foliage-close-225.jpg    wip-08-28-07-foliage-close-close-250.jpg


We managed to get a long enough look to take pics of the baby hamsters.  IMO, they’re creepy-looking.  They look like they have no business being in the big, wide, open world.  They’re bald, and blind and deaf.  And yet…when you see them in real life, when they’re moving, they are so precious.  Hamster babies are called pups, but apparently, when they’re new and undercooked, as it were, they’re referred to as “pinkies.”  Because they look like pinky toes?  Prolly.

Cyndi asked to see pictures.  Here they are, in no particular order, Jelly, Peanut, and Number 3:


I’ll be sure to post cute pictures once they have hair and eyes and ears and look like proper critters. 😀