Bigger on the inside?

I completed the Doctor Who pixel piece a bit ago. It’s so adorable.


Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven
Designed by weelittlestitches
Stitched 2 over 2 on 32-ct linen with recommended DMC fibers

Happy Stitching! 🙂

March at the Shores, pt. 19

I FINISHED!! Sorry to scream, but I almost can’t believe it.

425 block 8

Block 8 completed. We decided to use Capt. Jack Aubrey’s name, because the husband loves Patrick O’Brian’s series. We used the date of O’Brian’s death in 2001 as the death date. It seemed appropriate to lay him to rest in 1818. The last year Aubrey is known to command a vessel is 1817. Last night I thought 1821 may have been a better year, since O’Brian’s final, unfinished manuscript was titled 21. But, you know, whatever.

Here she is, finally:

425 complete 5Vitals:

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, designed by Kathy Barrick-Dieter of Carriage House Designs
Stitched on 40-ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Autumn Gold with NPI silks as recommended.

I hope you had a lovely Easter. Happy Stitching! 🙂

February Catch-up

This is what I was up to in February:
425 peace on earth finished front back 02 13

Peace on Earth by Victoria’s Sampler as appeared in 2011 JCS Ornaments issue. Stitched on 28-ct Cafe Mocha linen.

I love this little purse so much. It was fun to stitch.

425 think snow 02 13

Think Snow by Sweetheart Tree. Stitched with recommended fibers and beads on 32-ct Blue Ice linen.

I’m not going to mention how many times I’ve lost and found this chart, mmkay? I think I love the final choice of linen color, though I do occasionally wish I’d used the opalescent gray I bought for it, because it was sparkly. But the icy blue makes me happy without opalescence, so it’s all good.

Happy Stitching! 🙂

Poor Robin

I have a weakness for Shepherd’s Bush small designs. I tend to like their bigger designs, too, but their small designs quite often make me weak in the knees. I finished Poor Robin’s Pincushion a few days after Warm Heart. I haven’t decided whether to finish it into a pincushion or  a pinkeep. For now it’s on a table making me smile when I pass.

Poor Robin’s Pincushion by Shepherd’s Bush
Stitched with supplies in kit.
Modifications: Omitted words around design

Ornaments, plus a couple other goodies

Well, I’ve been scarce, haven’t I? Part of it was not feeling like blogging, and part of it was Webshots changing over to Smile. That completely discombobulated me. I’m still pouting that all my linked photos are gone.

I hope you had a happy, blessed holiday season.

I may have been hiding, but I was stitching while doing so! So, pictures, pictures, pictures!

First: June Monthly Sampler finished into a flat fold. Yes, I finished stitching it in ’07. Yes, I have many more flat folds to complete. Don’t judge me.

Next is God Bless Those by Shakespeare’s Peddler. I ordered this as a gift to myself and stitched it up straight away. Now it needs to be finished, as my many previously mentioned monthly samplers do.

God Bless Those by Shakespeare’s Peddler
Stitched with included supplies as charted on 40-ct linen provided; key charm added where stitched key was charted.

Now the ornaments. 🙂

I finished the Shepherd’s Bush Merry Be pincushion as an ornament. The fabric you see was used as backing. The red isn’t that bright, but you get the idea. When I try to darken photos, Picasa gets upset. I was going to ruche the ribbon like the model, but I liked it plain. I like the knotted ribbon, too. Amazing ideas can come from impatience and laziness. I liked the plain finish so much that I didn’t bother to cover the slice I put into it with a seam ripper. I’m learning to be wabi sabi about my stitching. Sort of. You can see where the slice was, but I’m not helping you find it. 😀

Hardanger Poinsettia by Carole Rodgers for Cross Stitch & Country Crafts, April 1994. This was stitched on 32-ct Picture this Plus Phoenix linen. The flash was really bright on this. The red is darker. The splotch is pink, which I really like. That only took eighteen years.

He’s a Flake by Little House Needlework. I stitched twins. One for an exchange partner, one for myself, because I lurve him. They were stitched on 32-count linen (I think Rue Green) with the recommended colors, except the red. I don’t remember what I used. It was less brick-y, but not really bright.

Christmas Beer, front and back. This is modified from Christmas Cheer by Heart in Hand, as appeared in the JCS Ornament issue, 2001. I removed the year, moved the stars, and used the hearts from a different ornament on that page (I can’t remember the designer offhand. You don’t want me to procrastinate posting this to go check, do you?). The beer stein was modified from a picture of an old design I had saved on my computer. This was stitched on 32-count linen, Rue Green.  I’ve been planning this for forever, too. This ornament has great family sentiment behind it. It’s based on a carol my husband “wrote” while enjoying Christmas cheer. Here are the lyrics:

A McGinty Carol

Christmas cheer
For Christmas beer
Christmas is
Our time of year!

{You’re welcome. 😉 }

I’m thrilled I finished two ornaments that have been on the back burner for so many years. You know how it is: so many ideas, so little time. And so many distractions.  Nod, nod

Happy Stitching, and all the best in 2013.

Merry Be

I had an urge for something new. This project won. The model looks like so. I didn’t care for the fabric included in the kit, so I went stash diving and came up with 28-ct. Country French Wheaten. I’d gotten a bit of two stockings and then the branch when I decided I didn’t like the size. It was too big. I plan to make an ornament rather than a pincushion, and it seemed huge. I also realized that the light color for the right stocking was nearly the same color as the fabric. I frogged the stitching. I was too lazy/impatient to look for a new fabric, so I decided to stitch over one. I switched out the creamy color for NPI white. It was handy in my Shores WIP. Easy choice. I’ve been anti-word stitching lately. It’s weird, because I might ordinarily tell you I enjoy stitching words. Not lately. Hence, no “Merry Merry Be” atop the branch, but a couple of extra stitched stars. I wonder if my “None of the Words” mood is why I’m procrastinating the last two blocks on Shores? I could have used the star button that came with the kit, but I didn’t want to. I had to change a couple of the specialty stitches due to the over one stitching. The berries are French knots instead of Smyrna crosses. The squares in the right stocking are Smyrna crosses instead of the modified Rhodes stitches that were charted. I also omitted the Quaker star motif and the bottom of the design. Just felt like it. I really liked the trees, but I don’t love sheep the way the Shepherd’s Bush gals do. It felt done. As my son enjoys saying, “I’m not even sorry!” 😀

From Cross Stitch 2012

Merry Be Pincushion kit by Shepherd’s Bush. Stitched 1 over 1 on 28-ct. Country French Wheaten with floss supplied in kit, except for the cream color. NPI white was substituted. Adaptations were made due to its size and my mood.

Who knows, I might even finish it into an ornament before Christmas. Heh.

Happy Stitching! 🙂

I’m in Love with a Tiny Quaker

Quaker aux Clefs by Jardin Prive. This would have been finished sooner, but life events prevented me from stitching. I suffered withdrawals, but I’m OK now.

Quaker Aux Clefs 08.12

I changed a few of the colors because the colors the chart called for didn’t resemble the model. I know that colors can “change” or appear different depending upon the surrounding colors, but there was no way the peachy color of the vase and medallion outlines was ever going to resemble the pink of the butterfly. I’m so glad I modified the colors, because I love these colors so much. I can’t get over it. They make me so happy.

This piece was a case of irresistible start-itis. I tried to decide what sort of finishing treatment I wanted to do, and I only wanted it to sit on a table, inviting you to pick it up. I thought I’d make a hemstitch and it would be pretty, pretty, all done. But the scrap I stitched this on wasn’t big enough for a standard hemstitch. I decided on a picot-edged pulled thread edging. That’s sort of what I ended up with after a few adventures. The most amusing adventure was with the light green. I thought I was using the original color. I certainly meant to. But when I had to cut a second length, the newer stitches weren’t the same color. Somehow during a previous project, I had wound a different color around the stitchbow. I figured out what color that was, and continued stitching with it.

quaker aux clefs complete2 08 25 12

I began the first step of the picot edge: pulled satin stitches. Next I was supposed to pull around the satin stitches in a “V” shape, after which I would tuck under the edge and hemstitch it. I started to do that with little success. I decided to tuck the edges under and hem it without the typical hemstitch, which amounted to just tacking it down on the backside (see below). Then I was going to do the final pulled stitches for the picot edge. Only by that time I was in love and my heart said it was done. So it’s done like this, and I’m so happy. I’m in love with the colors and the piece.

Here’s a peek at the back and the tacking of the hem.

Quaker aux Clefs by Jardin Prive
Stitched one over two on Lakeside Linens 40-ct Oyster Mist
Fibers used: DMC 152, 223, 407, 522, 926, 3022, 3051b 3768, 3859

Happy Stitching! 🙂