Busy, busy stitcher bee

No bee stitching, though. 😉

On July 3, the 150th anniversary of the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg, I began stitching Primrose Needleworks’ 272 Words.

425 272 words wip 07 03

I decided I didn’t want to stitch the text in the nutmeg color of the chart. I found a color I liked at the LNS, but they didn’t have enough, and what they did have was from two different dye lots. I’ve taken a chance at another color. We’ll see where this takes me…

I’ve also been working on Patchwork Garden Pinball by Twisted Oaks. The original pattern has six pieces that spell out GARDEN. I didn’t want that, so I found and modified some motifs in books I own. Way to make those purchases pay off! I was really enjoying it. Then I started 272 Words, and then it was the SAL weekend on Facebook’s  Cross Stitch SAL group. I worked on Pieta for the FB SAL.

425 patchwork garden p 1

This was stitched on 28-ct Raspberry Light jobelan. It doesn’t show up well with a pink background. It’s pretty. You can take my word for it.

425 patchwork garden p 2

This was stitched on 28-ct. Meadow Mist linen. I’m also going to stitch two parts on white linen.

I’m really enjoying this project. I hope you’re enjoying yours. I’ll be posting a Pieta update soon.

Happy stitching! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy stitcher bee

  1. Pretty stitching! Not sure I could deal with so many WIP’s, but it must be kind of fun to switch when you get tired of one….kind of like the Mad Hatter’s tea party…. Move down, clean cups!

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