Adventures in Framing

Happy Independence Day!

Framing isn’t usually adventurous, is it? It can be deeply satisfying, maybe nerve-wracking or frustrating, but it’s not especially dramatic. Up until now, the most adventure I’ve had with framing was when I made a poor choice for a frame, and “fixed” it with gold cream paint~~

425 Watermelon Sampler framed

That was it. Until yesterday. A couple weeks ago I took the Doctor Who piece for the boy, and Missing You by Prairie Moon to be be framed. Missing You is three years old! I haven’t had anything framed in three or more years! Truth be told, the adventure wasn’t in the framing, but in photographing it for the blog. Anyway. First up, I’ll show you an ordinary framed piece. I loved the look on the boy’s face when he saw the finished piece. He just loved it. Made me so happy.

425 doctor who framed 07 13

So, that went well. 🙂 Then, there was my piece. It all seemed to be going fine. When the framer put down the molding, we both knew it was exactly right. I was, and am, so pleased. I kept it in front of me for hours that night so I could enjoy it. I’m weird like that. I get excited when projects are all done. I took a photo with my phone, and shared that on Facebook. I should have been satisfied with that photo. So much trouble would have been avoided. I didn’t take Missing You outside to photograph when I took the Doctors, and ended up waiting quite a few days before I took it outside. The weather was very uncooperative here. Another opportunity to avoid trouble wasted.

I finally had the right combination of remembering and good weather yesterday. The picture-taking went according to plan. Then I went inside. Wait. No I didn’t. I tried to go back inside. The front door was locked. The back door was open, but the deadbolt was locked. All I can say is, I am so grateful I was “properly” dressed and had shoes on. That wasn’t the case when I snapped the pic of the Doctors Who. I had just spent the night alone. The husband was out of town, and the boy was at a sleepover. I couldn’t call anyone. My phone was inside. The husband wasn’t going to be home for about six hours. I had a doctor appt. in fifteen minutes. Needless to say, I missed it (oh, shucky darn). Then I remembered my friend has a spare key to my house (CHEERS!!). She only lives half a mile away. Off I trudged. Her car was gone. GROAN. No one wanted to answer the door, except their dog, who, you know, can’t. GROAN. I thought I knew where she was, figured she’d be home within an hour at the longest, sat on her stoop. Finally her husband answered the door. I’d woken up the sleeping household. I sympathized, believe me. Their insistent, barky dog is now one of my best friends. 😉  Hubby went to look for said spare key with no luck. It was in friend’s car. SIGH. He called her. I heard the confused silence when he informed her I needed my key. 😀 Lucky me (considering), she was on her way home. Fifteen minutes later, the door was unlocked! Hooray! She was going to give me her spare key. NOOOooo, I need you to have it in case I do this again! I wouldn’t put it past me. You shouldn’t, either.  This is what all the fuss was about:

425 Missing You framed

I should have been satisfied with the phone picture. It wasn’t bad. In fact, it’s arguable a better picture. It has much less glare. That’ll learn me.

425 Missing You iphone

Happy stitching, and may your stitching be free of woes. 🙂


One thought on “Adventures in Framing

  1. Too funny! What we do for the love of blogging! All the pieces look great! I’ve never seen the Prairie Moon piece. I really like that one in particular.

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