November at the Shores, pt. 17

I’m stunned that it’s been two months since I updated the blog. I’ve been stitching away. No lie. For instance, I finished block 4 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow in early November.

I have one more block to go. I planned to finish this year, but I’ve been bitten by the Christmas stitching and crafting bug. This will likely be my last update of Shores for the year. It doesn’t help that the final block to stitch is the dense memorial block. Too easy to procrastinate. And then there’s my indecision about a border. Should I, shouldn’t I? Will I, won’t I? What should it be? Do I have enough fabric to frame if I do stitch a border? See? It’s the indecision, not the distractions that are keeping me from finishing. Uh-huh. That’s it.

Here’s the current state of the WIP:

I’ve finished two ornaments. They’re identical. I stitched one for an exchange that I loved so much, I stitched an identical one for myself. I have to wait for the opening day to post it (Very soon, I hope!). I also stitched another ornament, but I’m not done finishing it. I need to decide on a trim. I had another, not Christmas-y, small finish, Shakespeare’s Peddler’s God Bless Those. I bought the kit as a birthday present for myself from The Silver Needle. As soon as it arrived, all others stitching came to a halt. I had to stitch it immediately. Now I need to finish it. I’m heading to craft stores in search of many needful supplies, and will hopefully find a trim I love. That will leave the question of whether to finish it as a pillow or a pinkeep. And, now I see I should have checked Wasatch Needlecraft, as it’s on sale there. sigh

See? I’ve been busy stitching and neglecting my updates. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season.

Happy Stitching! 🙂

4 thoughts on “November at the Shores, pt. 17

  1. Sometimes blogging can be like an albatross around one’s neck. Nice to know that the stitching continues! Shores is looking gorgeous. I know about those ‘drop everything, must make now’ projects. You just have to go with those urges!

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