Touching the Autumn Sky, pt. 6

I loathe blended needles. They slow me down quite a bit, and they’re quite humbling. I never knew how much I spin my needle while stitching until my first blended needle. Now I cringe at the very thought of blended needles. This project has more blended needles than I would like–like more than one. 😉

I enjoyed stitching the coat. One reason: no blended needles! The scarf, her hair? No such luck.

Back to stitching the “invisible swinging girl.” Time to get her “visible.”


Happy Stitching! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Touching the Autumn Sky, pt. 6

  1. I love the effect of blended threads but it does take a lot more time. Plus…I can’t loop start and I LOVE loop starts!

    She’s sure looking pretty, Terri!

    • I’m so with you on the loop starts, Sharon. I think it may be why I’m not loving the blended needles on this project. After all, it’s no different than using overdyed threads. But once you get in that rhythm with the loop start, blended needles seem sort of punishing. lol 🙂


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