I saw what I did there.

And by there, I mean here.


I also did this:

Christmas Mosaic Ornament 04.11

This was another UFO that I decided to finish. I’m pretty sure I stopped stitching it because of Q-Snaps. I’d never used them before. I don’t like using hoops, but I wanted to see if Q-Snaps would be different. So many people love them, I wanted to try them.I bought a small set to try out. I didn’t like them. I have a vague memory of my wrist cramping. Or was it my palm? Doesn’t matter. This poor thing was forgotten in my closet. I didn’t like the fabric I stitched it on, either. It’s about 20-ct., but the threads comprising the fabric are very thick–about the size of no. 5 perle cotton, maybe. In order to get adequate coverage I had to use two plies of floss. Over one. It’s not fair.

I did finish it, though, so I got a cookie. 🙂 And brownie points, but no brownie. That was because we had cookies, but not brownies. But you know what? This small design caused me so much trouble (through no fault of its own) that I deserved a brownie sundae for finishing it. Still, I was happy with my cookie–and my brownie points.

Christmas Mosaic Ornament, designed by Mary McLenon of M Designs.
Stitched with recommended fibers 2 over 1 with random, difficult 20-ct fabric. I used Smyrna crosses instead of eyelets.

The 2010 issue of the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazine has a very similar design with the same colorway. Mary McLenon designed a complementary ornament for a Tokens and Trifles  cross-shaped perforated paper sewing card from their Trinkets line. Coincidentally, the cards are also 20-ct. Maybe I chose my weird fabric intentionally? It’s possible. The model of the design I made was stitched on 40-ct linen. Now I’m just rambling. I’m trying to remember why I chose that unfortunate fabric. I don’t think it will happen. I should accept it and move on, be happy I’ve finished, and forget this weird, unfortunate, anonymous fabric. Or maybe I shouldn’t forget about it, I should just put it behind me. I need to remember to stay away should I run across it again.

I hope you’re having pleasant stitching adventures. 🙂


One thought on “I saw what I did there.

  1. It’s finished, it’s pretty, and I say go for the best dessert you can find!

    I didn’t like q-snaps at first, but I’ve adjusted to them, at least the 6″-8″ size. Maybe I’ve built up strength!

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