I decided to have a bit of fun this year by signing up for Sharon’s TUSAL–Totally Useless Stitch-Along. Participants post a picture of their ort jar around the new moon each month. I started saving my orts just after December’s new moon.

I’m pretty sure I began with Decembre 2007 Biscornu. I don’t see any of those orts. After that, it was Night Before Christmas.Most of what you see below the blue layer, and, of course, the blue layer, is from that project. The top layer is Bargello Symphony. I had to put new Anchor floss on stitchbow when I prepared the project’s kit. I tossed the labels in the jar on a whim. I don’t know if  I’ll continue. I’m going to follow my whims as the year progresses.

Happy ort colleting until next new moon, stitchers.


4 thoughts on “TUSAL

  1. Great progress on your jar. 🙂 I toss my DMC labels & occasionally fabric scraps, but I do have a larger jar that can take the extra scraps.

    Happy stitching!

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