Spring Needlekeep Kit

I’m thrilled to have finished my Spring Needlekeep kit by La-D-Da into a needlekeep—-plus fob. 🙂 I had a bit of trouble understanding part of the instructions. A quick email to Lori Markovic solved that problem in less than 24 hours. Have I mentioned that she’s wonderful? I ran out of the gray floss in this kit (misplaced, most likely). The kit doesn’t specify the floss name, so I emailed Lori to ask her. She told me, but offered to send me replacement floss to ensure I had the same dyelot. I was relieved, as I only needed one length of floss. She’s amazing. This kit is when I learned I don’t like stitching with Vikki Clayton’s silks. I know many people love her floss. I’m sorry. I tried. I didn’t love it. What I do love is my Spring Needlekeep! Lookie!!

Spring Needlekeep and fob by Lori Markovic

Here’s the back. I love the I Dream of Jeannie bead-tail. They remind me of I Dream of Jeannie, anyway. 😉 I used a Blackbird Designs  alphabet for my initial and stitched it over one. I don’t remember exactly where I found it just now. The square bead at the top of the gray heart is what gave me trouble in the instructions. The way I read the instructions, I thought the cording with that bead was also supposed to be attached where the bead-tail is attached. It didn’t make sense, somehow. After Lori cleared it up, I had the typical A-HA! moment of understanding.

Here it is, opened, with the gorgeous, irresistible butterfly rightside up.

And here it is, um, upside down.

One final picture of the needlekeep opened. Le sigh. Isn’t it to die for?


9 thoughts on “Spring Needlekeep Kit

  1. How gorgeous is that! And how nice of the designer to give you all that assistance!

    I don’t stitch with silks, but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone who wasn’t happy with HDF. What kind do you prefer?

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