June at the Shores, pt. 11



I did it!  I finished Block 6/7 last night.  I told Cathey I hoped I wouldn’t pull anything in the attempt.  Aside from a few consecutive all-nighters, I think I may have pulled my “stitchroiliac.”  Or, you know, something like that.  I’m sorry.  Groan and throw tomatoes at will.  I spent way too much time stitching this last week, to the detriment of other obligations.  My hand did cramp up from holding the fabric for long periods, does that count?  Don’t try this at home, folks. 😉 

And although the USA are Ghan-ers (according to the brother), I’m still joyful enough about MY score to blow several virtual vuvuzelas.  So, pick up your vuvuzela and buzz along with me.  I’ve completed HALF the blocks!  Woo-Hoo!!!

The full effect:

BONUS: The boy usually looks at my stitching with barely concealed disinterest.  Still, I subject him to looking at my projects from time to time.  It’s a small price to pay for living here.  Last night he asked me if these were my alphabet pillows.  I said no, but it was the same designer.  He said he could tell.  I was very impressed.  Reflecting on the exchange, I’m wondering if I’ve forgotten telling him that piece of trivia before.  If so, he still gets points for remembering when he looked like he wasn’t paying attention.  🙂

And now, back to a more normal routine.  Happy Stitching!


11 thoughts on “June at the Shores, pt. 11

  1. It looks so fabulous! (I thought I left a comment on this earlier, but I guess it didn’t ‘take’).

    I was stiching for a long time Friday night and learned all about a strained “stitchroiliac”. Feeling better now though and I hope you are too!

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