Memorial Day

Since it’s Memorial Day, I guess it’s time to share a recent patriotic finish.

Glory Fob 04.10
Glory Fob by Shepherd’s Bush.

I didn’t finish it as a fob, just a pincushion. I didn’t want ric-rac for a scissor loop. *shrug* You’ll notice the floss on the back side’s flag ran. I don’t remember how it happened, but I do remember trying to use a Q-Tip and hydrogen peroxide to clean up the mess. Yeah. I don’t recommend that. It made it worse. I laughed (what else could I do at that point?) and smirked to myself, “So much for ‘These colors don’t run!’ ” I’m a wise-ass, it just came to me. I didn’t even have to try. 😀

Also, since it’s Memorial Day, I’m going to honor my kitten, Hero. We put him down this week, as he had the rare, incurable disease known as FIP, or feline infectious peritonitis. In households with one or two cats, the odds are one in 5,000 that a cat will contract the disease. As my brother reminded me, I have terrible luck with cats. Hero was technically my son’s cat, so we plan to replace him this summer. For now, I can’t remove his bed from my desk, where he insisted on sitting when I worked on the computer.  He may have been the boy’s cat, but I was his mama.  He was a very sweet fella.  He couldn’t seem to catch a break.  It ain’t right, but nobody ever said life is fair.

My sweet Hero, helping me stitch, very sick

Happy Memorial Day.  I hope you get to stitch this weekend.


7 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I’m so sorry about your kitty 😦 I don’t trust any thread (apart from DMC) to be colourfast – I’ve had GAST run on me recently and that’s supposed to be OK. Cute fob, anyway 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the bleeding colors. I actually think it ended up giving a nice effect.

    Sorry about the kitty. Sending big virtual hugs your way.

  3. Oh, what a sweet boy! He looks like such a good helper. Thanks for sharing the photos; I love seeing people’s cats.

    As for the wiseass comment, That’s a good one, lol! I see why you skipped the rick rack fob. Overall, it’s a good finish. 😀

  4. Your fob looks great, even with the bleed 🙂 So sorry about your cat, it’s always sad when you lose a pet, little furry members of the family

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