Weekends at the Shores, pt. 5

Last weekend was the first weekend I’ve devoted to Shores of Hawk Run Hollow in a while.  I’ve stitched on it here and there, without much to show for it.  When I began stitching this weekend, Shores looked like this:

It’s a fair amount of progress, but I’d get so little done at a time, I never took photos before Friday.  This weekend, I got a lot done.  I stayed up very late stitching.  I so enjoyed stitching the rocky coast.  I enjoyed the outlining and filling in each rock.  In this column, I’d say this is visually my least favorite block, with “My love at sea” being my favorite.  I wouldn’t have expected to have so much fun stitching it.  But I am, and that’s a great thing, yes? 

Close-up of block 9

Full progress photo, 5/10/10

Happy stitching! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekends at the Shores, pt. 5

  1. These big projects do take a lot of dedicated time. But this one is so worth it. You got a lot done so that should inspire you to keep going! The design looks so great on that fabric.

  2. That’s funny that you don’t love the block but enjoy stitching it. I’m going to have to think if any projects have elicited that response in me!

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