In which my mind wanders

I’ve been working on Peacock Pinkeep these last few days.  I’m really, really enjoying stitching it.  When you’re in “the zone” while stitching and your mind completely relaxes, you never know where you’ll end up.  Me, I was hanging at the beach with these guys:

1900s Beach Beefcake

Oh, yeah!  I mean, could you stitch this and not start thinking about those suits?  Of course not.  This peacock is simultaneously gorgeous and silly.  I’m the gal on the right, by the way.  I mean, if you’re going back in time, you need to be wearing tights and crazy, complicated beach shoes, know what I mean?

Then I was wishing I had the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car…

If you’re disappointed I showed this picture instead of the car, I apologize.  What I couldn’t get out of my head was when Professor Potts came out of the changing tents.   Here’s a consolation picture of Chitty and Potts for both of us:

Then I realized how HUGE this pinkeep is going to be.  I would have abandoned it, but I love the design.  I couldn’t stop stitching.  I got used to the idea of a TREMENDOUS pincushion, er pinkeep.   Then a brainstorm(!) took hold.  We’ll see if the idea goes anywhere.  You know how it is–no end of ideas, limited time.  Not to mention a mind that wanders, gets distracted, and forgets.

Then I started stitching with the green floss, which is Belle Soie’s Tortoise Shell, and you know where that led.  Yep.  Ellen Chester’s Quaker Turtles.  My peacock needs friends, and I don’t own this chart, so I can’t make him the perfect pals.  I’m a delinquent stitcher.  Time to add to my stashy wishlist.  I’ve always thought they were adorable, but managed to resist these fellas.  How, I don’t know.  It’s a mystery.  I mean, look at these adorable guys!

Now that I’ve taken you on an abridged tour of my stitching travels, I’ll show you the end result.  I’ve actually begun the alphabet band, but I’ve not taken a photo of that yet.  I haven’t taken a photo of my current progress, come to that.  This is a scan, which may explain why the gingham color is off.  It’s really a lovely, springtime green. 

Happy stitching, peacocks. 🙂


6 thoughts on “In which my mind wanders

  1. Okay, I wanted to be the girl on the right ’cause I LOVE tights! But, then…I do keep my hair pinned up more often, so it makes sense to be the one at left. You can keep being the damsel at right. 😉

    All of this stuff looks so good! I had a mania for turtles in about the first half of my teens. 😉 I especially like the “needlebook”. 🙂 And what’s that tantalizing bit of ephemera to the left? Looks like a seed packet! 😀

    I’m struck with the sudden urge to make up that dress that Lefty’s wearing. Only bringing down the skirt to somewhere just below the knee–or with the knee peeking out. And of course one should wear espadrille sandals with it. And the dark parts shall be navy–and the light a striped seersucker! What a costume that would be! It’s a good thing I can’t sew anything more advanced than a slip cover for a pillow–otherwise Dear Marc should be forced to accompany my outlandishly attired self upon an empty wallet.

    But, do you suppose it could actually work? 😉 You have my solemn word that I wouldn’t wear it with the tights and roman ballet sandals until AFTER the first frost of the year.

    • Berit,

      You made me laugh! I would love to see you in the reprodution suit. I’ll bet Dear Marc wouldn’t be too terribly embarrassed. 😀

      I think the “seed packet” is a vintage needlepack. I’ll bet it’s really pretty up close.


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