Spring Needle-Keep

I love Lori Markovic.  I mean, who doesn’t?  (If you don’t, I can’t hear you, la-la-la–la-d-da!)

Spring Needle-Book 0310 

Some day (maybe soon!), this will be a lovely needle-keep and scissor fob.  I bought this kit a couple of years ago.  Look at that butterfly!  I didn’t try to resist.  I only worked on it when I needed to wait for my son, so progress was very slow.  I finally decided I wanted to finish it and worked on it more often, at home rather than, er, “abroad.”  Unfortunately I lost a bit of floss, most likely when it was a traveling piece.  The kit uses Vikki Clayton silks, but Lori used her own names to describe the colors in the kit.  I emailed Lori to ask her the name of my missing color so I could replace it.  Lori graciously offered to send me replacement floss to ensure I had the same dyelot.  I didn’t ask for, or expect, this kindness.  I am grateful, and if she had a web home, I would try to become her #1 stalker.  I know I would have a lot of competition, but I would give folks a run for their money!  😉

I goofed on the scissor fob.  It was supposed to be stitched with the dark gray on the inside, the brick red color on the outside.  Oops.  No need to frog that.   The back of the fob, the stitching on the right, isn’t part of the design.  I knew I wanted my initial, but the one I chose would have been too big if I stitched it over 2, and was too small over one–it left the back side of the fob looking very bare.   I couldn’t match the inner corner motifs from the front on the back, because I would have run into the monogram.  I’m pleased with my solution–using part of the middle motif.  You can see my inspiration in the bottom center of the needle-keep dark gray stitching.  I’m pleased, especially because it didn’t take me hours of worry and indecision to find a satisfactory solution to my dilemma.  I made it work.  <–outs myself as a Project Runway fan.

Vitals: Spring Needle-Keep, a kit by La-D-Da.  Stitched with 35-ct WDW linen and Hand-Dyed Fibers silk, as provided in kit.  Initial on fob by Blackbird Designs, from the Joyeux Noel sampler in their Joyeux Noel book.


4 thoughts on “Spring Needle-Keep

  1. This is wonderful! Hadn’t seen it before, and am waiting with bated breath for you to do the finishing. 🙂

    Yet, somehow, it also looks good just like this, does it not? Yeah, I’m kinda strange.

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