Weekends at the Shores, pt. 4

It’s winter, who has time to go to the water on the weekend? I’ve been trying to keep warm! 😉

This progress is actually about 6 weeks old; I kept forgetting to take photos. I’m thinking this weekend will be a good weekend to visit the Shores, so I thought I’d catch up.

This block had a lot going on, it was difficult for me to motivate myself to stitch.  The weird thing about that is, I enjoyed stitching it one I got started. *shrug*


I love the widow’s walk.  It evokes a romantic, fantasy mood for me.  I would love to live in a house just like this.

Until next time, Happy Stitching. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Weekends at the Shores, pt. 4

  1. This IS very densely stitched, as you say, but it does look great. I forgot that sort of balcony is called a “widow’s walk”. 🙂

    I like the detailing on the door jamb and over the door. 😀 I can see how this might be good fun once you got into the rhythm of it.

  2. It’s looking great. I know what you mean about starting to stitch on the block – you hold off, but then once you get going you can really get into it. I should pick up mine again. I’ve been staring at it, but just can’t get myself to pick it back up.

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