How 2010 began

I finished Missing You.  I meant to stitch this for the husband, seeing as how we’re not together, but he thinks it’s ugly.   Apparently the endearing sentiment doesn’t overcome its offensiveness.  Toad.  No matter, I love the bird and the sentiment, so I stitched it, and that means he’ll be seeing a lot of it when I’m not missing him, so there! 😉

When I first saw this pattern, I thought the black floss was actually an eggplant color.  I was disappointed it wasn’t, but determined to stitch it as I envisioned it.  I thought it would be cool to stitch it on a lavender sort of fabric, but I couldn’t satisfy myself.  I decided to use a more neutral color, which ended up satisfying me most.  I toyed with abandoning the project altogether, but it called to me.  There’s still something “off” about it, I’m not sure what.  It may, ironically, be the purple floss, or my sensitivity to the husband’s opinion, or maybe its being stitched one over two.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe when I’ve gotten it framed, I’ll feel more right about the whole thing.  I still love it, in spite of the nagging doubt.

Anyway, here she is:

Missing You 01.10

Vitals: Missing You by Prairie Moon
Stitched one over two on 40-ct Vintage Light Exemplar linen
Fibers used: Crescent Colours Colonial Copper, GAST simply shaker Gingersnap, WDW Mulberry, Pecan, Rum Raisin and Whiskey.


7 thoughts on “How 2010 began

  1. I like it and I think it will look good framed. But that type of design is not to everyone’s taste. I guess it’s nice to have a relationship where you can be honest with each other, huh? Or am I dreaming?

  2. I have never seen this before, but I LOVE IT. Men have No Taste. This is clearly so ugly it’s wrapped around to stylish. The bird is *supposed* to have feet like that. Not everyone “gets” prims. 😉 This is pretty prim, I think.

    I think you were absolutely right to make this an aubergine or eggplant rather than black.

    I’m reminded of a recent encounter with my stitching and “company” one of marc’s friends remarked, “Now, I’ve seen this alphabet thing before, and I really am curious, why don’t they ever get beyond it?!”

    “Get beyond what?”
    “To something else.”
    “Like what, to a ‘saying’?”

    And they just look at you. It’s like, we GOT beyond it, to stuff like HAED. Aaaand then we went back: To a few hundred years ago and leaning our letters at age 5.

    It’s like when people think that Trajan-esque fonts are modern, and blackletter the oldest writing. Too much Hollywood, probably.

  3. This is a beautiful piece – not an ugly stitch about it. You chose perfect colors – black would make it too stark. I hope you come to love it wholeheartedly. I have been enjoying looking at your blog, a new one to me. Love your little pumpkin finish!

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