Hero’s Welcome

On November 21, we brought home a new family member: Hero. He’s a rescue kitten, so named because he survived a precarious situation. He was one of four littermates, all of whom were supposed to be rescued. By the time he was rescued, his siblings had been given away to families in similar circumstances as their mother. Hero had almost no coat, he had fleas and worms. He was quarantined in a bathroom for six weeks, enduring multiple treatments for worms. Poor dear. He is very sweet. He does like to fight, a little too roughly, but we’re working on that. When the boy is in school, I don’t get any two-handed computer time, as he begs to sit in my lap. He cleans me, he purrs, and watches the computer screen with rapt attention. He’s already spoiled–condo taller than me, water fountain, toys galore. I wonder if he’s forgotten his original circumstances yet?

He yells at me! When he loses a toy, he lets me know, asks for help. He’s a dear.

After the first nap with his boy  11.21.09

I have been stitching, I swear. I hope I manage to share with everyone soon.


9 thoughts on “Hero’s Welcome

  1. Oh my gosh, he’s SO handsome!! I just want to snuggle him 🙂 COngrats on the new family member and hooray to you for adopting a rescue!

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