I has a helper


Yes, I’m a LOLCat minion.  I frequently “has” things, and only know the standard greeting to be spelled, “hai.”

Here is what basement cat helped me finish this week:

Harvest Pumpkin 11.09

I had tension issues with this design, and I have a ridge of orange near the yellow.  Oh, well.  The kit comes with the round frame, so maybe I’ll even frame it this weekend or before Thanksgiving, at least. 🙂

Harvest Pumpkin, exclusive kit by The Rocking Horse.  Stitched with supplied materials.

Happy stitching!


7 thoughts on “I has a helper

  1. *squeeeeee!*

    Is that truly you in the lolcat photo with that basement cat?? If so, I think I’m gonna need your autograph. 😛

    Has you seen the lolcat bible project? I think they have a wiki. I have a huge-ish file of lolcats pics on my hard drive. Oh, boy. Now you’ll never shut me up.

  2. Oh, P.S. I am in a state of burning jealousy over this finish! it even has a spider! Can’t wait to see the frame-up. Dear boyfriend is afraid of spiders; even stitchy ones and cries/cowers in the corner when I show him any I’ve made. So, I told him I was gonna embroider them on all his undies for Christmas.

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