Weekends at the Shores, pt. 3

I wanted to finish all the words this weekend.  I didn’t manage it, was too busy having fun elsewhere.  Alas.

shores wip 10 26

Fabric looks sort of pink on my screen.  Veddy interesting.


10 thoughts on “Weekends at the Shores, pt. 3

  1. It is showing a little pink, now that you mention it. Ah, the vagaries of digicams/monitors!

    Is this already your second block!? What a speedster you are! I think that these HRH are still way beyond my skill level!!

    BTW, I made a blog! (Yes, I really did!) so come check it out if you feel like seeing a summer BBD WiP. (Yes, it is somewhat jarring to see at October’s End. Did I mention I’m slow? :P)


    • Thank you, Annie. WordPress has changed the way comments are delivered, so I’m not sure if you’ll get this twice or not. I liked the old way. Oh, bother.

      T :o)

    • Thanks, Sharon. :o)

      Change is good, right? WordPress has changed the way they deliver comments. I don’t like it. If you get this twice, I’m sorry. I’m experimenting.


  2. That looks great! I just posted a bright green fabby and it looks white, lol. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out, but fwiw, it looks brown to me!

    • Bright green fabby turning out white = Big LOLZ! I’m used to designer’s pictures showing up with the fabric appearing lighter than true. Blogging helps us feel their pain, yes? :~D



  3. Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed looking through your postings. Your work is lovely. I did see that you stitched Strawberry Garden this summer and wondered if you’d consider selling your graph. Just wondering…….


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